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Can someone please explain to me the purpose behind camouflage paint on a truck?  I mean it’s not like you can use it as a blind or something.  I mean it’s not like the glass won’t reflect light and give away the “position” of the truck.  Or the fact that the big V8 engine won’t be rumbling as you sneak up on a herd of deer.  Am I missing something?  Just wondering….

Be safe.

Earl of Sandwich

So here I sit eating my sandwich from Salad Wrappers and it got me to start thinking(yeah, I know….I don’t start thinking until lunch)…why is it that I always grab the smaller “half” of the sandwich first to eat?  Is it because I like the idea that after I eat this portion, I have an even bigger portion left?  Is it because if I don’t like it, I won’t feel as guilty when I throw that portion out?  Or is it something even deeper and bizarre like I’m eating the smaller one because I’m usually cheering for the underdog or “little guy”?   Hmmmmmm, it makes me wonder…..


Be Safe!

Five thoughts on a Friday

A few random thoughts from the drive in this morning….

  1. When is it appropriate to start a vacation countdown. Namely, is it too early to start one for a vacation in August?
  2. Spring fever has set in. I saw someone pulling a fishing boat this morning. They instantly went to the top of my “Most Hated” list, just because they were going fishing and I was going to work.
  3. I’m STILL waiting for someone to put something about themselves in the about section. You were one of those people who never turned in their homework, weren’t you?
  4. Thanks, Uncle Sam. Even though it was my money to begin with.
  5. Another sure sign that spring has arrived…. I need to mow the lawn.

And now… on with the rest of the day….


    Toys R Us

    Can someone explain why when you are a kid, Toys R Us is the greatest place ever; however, when you become an adult it becomes an overpriced dirty store?  I mean I remember when I was a kid and walking through the doors of  Toys R Us was like walking through the gates of what I imagined Heaven would be like.  Now, when I go up there with my kids, man, it’s a different world.  They have to be one of the dirtiest stores around and the price of their toys…geez.  I hate to say it but you can go to that “bullseye” store and you can usually get some seriously better prices.  Oh well, I’m off to go yell at the kids on my lawn.

    Be safe!

    So we have a Blog, now we need content…

    and a new look. We’re currently using the default theme here (And yes, I realize that once we make changes this statement will look kind of funny in hindsight). It’s fine for now, but eventually we need to customize it to fit the warped reality that we live in.

    As for content… Well, I refuse to commit to a daily topic. Sorry, but I’m not going to do it. I like days off. A weekly column or feature might be fun though. We’ve kicked around some ideas and I’ve taken notes. Now we just have to decide what to do. Decisions, Decisions…

    Hello, and Welcome to the Beerbarrel

    We’re just getting setting up here, but eventually we hope to make this a fun little corner away from reality.

    Things on our minds that might make it here could include:

    • Rants and raves
    • Movie Reviews
    • Podcasts
    • Video Clips

    And who knows what else. We’re going to make it up as we go along. We’ll get some proper introductions put up here soon.