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Five thoughts on a Frid

And here we are at the end of another workweek already. So here are latest five randome thoughts for a Friday.

  1. A shorter work week is always nice, even if it does mess up which day I think it should be. The end result “What? It’s already Friday?!!” is worth it.
  2. Speaking of short weeks, it never ceases to amaze me how many people in the neighborhood put their trash out on the normal day when it has been pushed back one day due to a holiday (Like Memorial Day this past Monday).
  3. The drive in was beautiful this morning – Clear Skies, Sun Shining. So why was everyone driving like the road was covered in ice???
  4. I find myself taking mental notes during the week now. “That would be a good blog subject” or “I should use that in the Friday five”. Then I usually can’t remember it when I sit down to type it out.
  5. The Blackberry arrived yesterday (Cheer!). The new data plan to fully use it won’t be active until Monday (Booo!).

Have a great weekend!

Where technology skips a generation or two

No, I’m not talking about my parents and their reluctance to get a microwave or the (in)ability of somone to program the clock on their VCR. I might save that for another day, now that I think about it though.

Right now, I’m talking cell phones.

Now, I have a love/hate relationship with mine. I love the convenience but hated being “reachable” at all times, so I never gave the number to many people. And my phone is… a phone. No camera, no internet, I *think* it could probably receive a text message but I don’t have those on the plan so I never checked.

At least, that’s what my phone was. You see, it was a circa 2001 flip phone. And to use a term that nearly everyone would be familiar with…

“It’s dead, Jim”

Ok Beer, that’s great and all – but who really cares about your damned phone and what does this have to do with technology and generations?

Well, that’s the thing. The new phone should show up in a day or so, and it’s save to say that the new model is several orders of magnitude more advanced. I’ve skipped a few generations of phone, and gone straight to a Blackberry (!?!?!). The new plan will have unlimited data and texting, so I should be good to go as far as being able to use the features of the phone.

Anyone got any tips or cool tricks for these things?

Five thoughts on a Friday – Long Weekend Edition

Five random thoughts heading into the holiday weekend.

  1. There will be many, many cookouts this weekend. It’s practically required by law.
  2. Based on the number of cookouts, the odds of the weather not cooperating? Very High. Again, I think it may be a law or something.
  3. No cologne or perfume can ever top the fragrance from a nice smoker or grill when you’re hungry. Period.
  4. If you’re on the lakes and on a jet ski, please remember to not leave your brains at the dock. There’s a reason those things are generally despised.
  5. It is apparently easier to get sunburn when it doesn’t feel like it’s that warm/the sun is that strong.

Now, on to the long weekend!

Fancy Coffee Tuesday!

So we’re cursed with bad coffee at the office. Calling it swill would be generous. I’m not sure it technically qualifies as coffee.

But today, Tuesday, the coffee gods have smiled upon us. We get to have fancy coffee. Someone brought in a treat.

They brought in this stuff direct from New Orleans! (We have the coffee and chicory blend)
Cafe Dumonde Coffee

It took a few sips for the taste buds to actually come out of hiding, but we’re now enjoying it immensely.

Five Thoughts on Friday

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to cobble together five random thoughts. Could be tough based on this week.

  1. Nearly any conversation can be linked back to The Simpsons
  2. What’s the old joke, “Never take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time”? Did somebody actually think that was a good idea and try it once?
  3. Cuts over your eyelids bleed a heck of a lot more than one on your hand.
  4. What is the drive time (to reach your destination) cutoff for a spontaneous road trip? 6 hours? Less?
  5. Getting the “Norm!” treatment at the bar, not so bad. Realizing that you have to explain the “Norm!” treatment to your waitress because she wasn’t old enough when Cheers was on, very sad.

Can we cancel the rest of today?

Scheduling Sponteneity

Over the course of some discussions for content, an old memory came up that reminded me of a situation here. We were going over doing a regularly scheduled feature, sort of like Friday’s 5 thoughts and this came to mind…

Once upon a time, I was in a group that was being merged with another function. We had two locations and one of our people transferred out there. In the course of that location learning to do the work we had been doing, it came out that we would often have spontaneous “gather ‘round” meetings. They weren’t formal in any way, we usually just huddled around the table right in our area and went over deadlines and stuff to make sure everyone was up to speed. The manager at the new location loved the idea.

So they scheduled them.

And this boys and girls, is why corporate America can’t do anything right anymore.

Anyhow, we’re working on a few other ideas for features (both regular and random) and I’m tinkering with a new layout for the site. If it never gets put up, it means I never got it to the point where I liked it.

Five thoughts on a Friday

Five random thoughts for a Friday morning…

  1. If you’re out walking around the parking lot at lunchtime, I’m guessing it’s some sort of health decision. That said, if you’re out walking around the parking lot for fitness reasons, smoking while walking probably isn’t helping.
  2. Union auto workers sometimes get a bad rap. When you have one of those “I work for Ford, I drive a Ford” license plate frames…. On a Cadillac Eldorado? You deserve the bad rep you get. What’s that old comedy bit? “Here’s your sign.”
  3. More than 30 years after he passed, Elvis is still “The King”. Not just because of the music, but the whole persona. Nobody around since has even come close.
  4. Do they even make cell phones anymore that are only phones?
  5. I feel a road trip coming on. I don’t know where or when but it’s definitely coming.

On with the day!