Retro Gaming

So, we’ll admit to being video game players here at the Beerbarrel.

For me it all started back before the (in)famous Atari 2600.  I’m talking the old school consoles (Yes, Pong was one) as well as actual, honest to goodness arcade games. Then there were the early handhelds, like Mattel Electronics Football, and Football II where you ran the little red blips around.

Over the years I’ve blown through numerous consoles and computers, but there’s one thing that I’ve noticed. Every so often, I’ll dust off an old game. Not always really old, sometimes something ancient that I found on a website, and have a go at it again. It’s had me wondering, what gives some of these older games their appeal?

It surely isn’t the high end graphics in most cases.

Is it just the fond memories? Afternoons spent with friends laughing at each other and being silly as much as enjoying the actual game?

Is it the playability? Sometimes yes, some not I’d say.

Novelty? Was it, and is it still a game that fills a niche that nothing else has?

In the end, who knows. It all comes down to having fun. So if you want to go back to the days of the Commodore 64 for Mail order Monsters, bust out the Sega Genesis for Mutant League Football, or you just liked GTA: Vice City best of all go ahead and fire it up.

Me, I’ll be rummaging through the basement tonight to see if I can find that old NES console. Might be time to try Mike Tyson’s Punch Out again.

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