Daily Archives: May 13, 2009

Scheduling Sponteneity

Over the course of some discussions for content, an old memory came up that reminded me of a situation here. We were going over doing a regularly scheduled feature, sort of like Friday’s 5 thoughts and this came to mind…

Once upon a time, I was in a group that was being merged with another function. We had two locations and one of our people transferred out there. In the course of that location learning to do the work we had been doing, it came out that we would often have spontaneous “gather ‘round” meetings. They weren’t formal in any way, we usually just huddled around the table right in our area and went over deadlines and stuff to make sure everyone was up to speed. The manager at the new location loved the idea.

So they scheduled them.

And this boys and girls, is why corporate America can’t do anything right anymore.

Anyhow, we’re working on a few other ideas for features (both regular and random) and I’m tinkering with a new layout for the site. If it never gets put up, it means I never got it to the point where I liked it.