Where technology skips a generation or two

No, I’m not talking about my parents and their reluctance to get a microwave or the (in)ability of somone to program the clock on their VCR. I might save that for another day, now that I think about it though.

Right now, I’m talking cell phones.

Now, I have a love/hate relationship with mine. I love the convenience but hated being “reachable” at all times, so I never gave the number to many people. And my phone is… a phone. No camera, no internet, I *think* it could probably receive a text message but I don’t have those on the plan so I never checked.

At least, that’s what my phone was. You see, it was a circa 2001 flip phone. And to use a term that nearly everyone would be familiar with…

“It’s dead, Jim”

Ok Beer, that’s great and all – but who really cares about your damned phone and what does this have to do with technology and generations?

Well, that’s the thing. The new phone should show up in a day or so, and it’s save to say that the new model is several orders of magnitude more advanced. I’ve skipped a few generations of phone, and gone straight to a Blackberry (!?!?!). The new plan will have unlimited data and texting, so I should be good to go as far as being able to use the features of the phone.

Anyone got any tips or cool tricks for these things?

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