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Best Headline of the Week

Ok, I read a lot of silly news stories. I love the “offbeat” and “Odd News” categories.

Rarely have I seen a headline this good though. This one had us laughing all afternoon, especially since there’s was an inside joke to go with it (No, I’m not telling the inside joke. Sorry.)

Monkey urinates on Zambian president

Seriously, any article that includes this quote from a President, “You have urinated on my jacket”, is an instant classic!

Curious George, eat your heart out.

Five thoughts on a Friday

Welcome to a rainy Friday edition of Five Thoughts!

  1. Water in the basement is bad. That is all.
  2. The cleanup from said water is even worse. Fixing the grading of the landscape to move the water *away* from the house to prevent future leaks, priceless. Of course, it’s raining again today so we’ll really find out.
  3. Had to buy a new electric shaver this week. Apparently I’m the only one who still uses a corded model. They’ve become impossible to find!
  4. Hockey Playoffs, over. Basketball playoffs, over. Welcome to the dog days of summer in the sports world. Time to go fishing.
  5. Really didn’t have a lot of things strike me as “Oh, I should jot that down for 5 things” this week. Am I becoming even more jaded?

Ah well, the weekend is almost here, that’s what matters right now.

Have fun folks!




Plain and simple….




Red Wings Hockey

Five thoughts on a Friday

Network issues are diving me crazy this morning. Still, at least it’s Friday and that means Five Things!

  1. If the NHL holds the Stanley Cup playoffs and nobody watches (Because it’s mostly on some obscure channel most people don’t get), did it really happen?
  2. Major League Baseball held their draft this week, for all I know it may still be going on. Is there a less publicized draft in sports?
  3. Heading into a weekend with no real plans is a wonderful thing. Until you realize how much work around the house needs to be done.
  4. I know it’s in the script they follow, but when a help desk gets a call that says “The entire department is unable to connect to network drives.” should the first response *really* be “Did you try rebooting”? Yes. Me rebooting will connect the entire department to the network drive that’s down.
  5. Writer’s block has been horrible this week. Maybe need to try that old “Artistic” standby… Get bombed and see what comes of it.

Enjoy the weekend folks, but remember…. “That lawn ain’t gonna mow itself”.

Five thoughts on a Friday

It’s Friday again! (Shaping up to be a lazy one here) Time for 5 random thoughts:

  1. If your boss is scheduling a breakfast meeting as a team building activity at the coney place near the office. They might want to double check the time said coney place opens in the morning. Just saying.
  2. The growth rate of your lawn is inversely proportionate to the amount of time available on the weekend to mow it. You’re going to have no time this weekend? The grass will grow like crazy. I promise.
  3. There is no thing number 3 today. *
  4. XM radio is growing on me. Although it’s still like cable TV sometimes. 100+ channels and nothing on.
  5. It’s often a really good thing to be “the guy with the truck”. Being “the guy with the truck” is not a good thing when someone you know is moving.

* – Ok, I lied. Here’s thing number 3.  If you’re going to call and leave a voicemail for me telling me how you can help recently unemployed workers get health care coverage, leaving it on my WORK voicemail (You know, the one that says “Hi, you’ve reached Beermaker with <Company Name>…”) is *probably* a hint you’re barking up the wrong tree there, Einstien.

Have a great weekend folks!

Testing out a new toy…

Got the fancy new phone, so I’m trying out a new feature here.

Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®

Lost words from childhood

I realized listening to my little ones that there are some words that you just stop using as much as you get older. I just can’t see using these in any adult conversations. Here in no particular order are some that I thought of:

Am I missing any?

Until next time, Keep crashing the net.


47.23 – If star player breaks any rules intended to make the game of hockey more attractive to “greater” public, all possible penalties and fines will be waived.  Rule will be called “Bettman Godmode” for future reference.