Five thoughts on a Friday

Network issues are diving me crazy this morning. Still, at least it’s Friday and that means Five Things!

  1. If the NHL holds the Stanley Cup playoffs and nobody watches (Because it’s mostly on some obscure channel most people don’t get), did it really happen?
  2. Major League Baseball held their draft this week, for all I know it may still be going on. Is there a less publicized draft in sports?
  3. Heading into a weekend with no real plans is a wonderful thing. Until you realize how much work around the house needs to be done.
  4. I know it’s in the script they follow, but when a help desk gets a call that says “The entire department is unable to connect to network drives.” should the first response *really* be “Did you try rebooting”? Yes. Me rebooting will connect the entire department to the network drive that’s down.
  5. Writer’s block has been horrible this week. Maybe need to try that old “Artistic” standby… Get bombed and see what comes of it.

Enjoy the weekend folks, but remember…. “That lawn ain’t gonna mow itself”.

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