Five thoughts on a Friday

Welcome to a rainy Friday edition of Five Thoughts!

  1. Water in the basement is bad. That is all.
  2. The cleanup from said water is even worse. Fixing the grading of the landscape to move the water *away* from the house to prevent future leaks, priceless. Of course, it’s raining again today so we’ll really find out.
  3. Had to buy a new electric shaver this week. Apparently I’m the only one who still uses a corded model. They’ve become impossible to find!
  4. Hockey Playoffs, over. Basketball playoffs, over. Welcome to the dog days of summer in the sports world. Time to go fishing.
  5. Really didn’t have a lot of things strike me as “Oh, I should jot that down for 5 things” this week. Am I becoming even more jaded?

Ah well, the weekend is almost here, that’s what matters right now.

Have fun folks!

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