Back in business

And we’re back…

Sounds like a line from an old TV show, doesn’t it?

Vacations are over (who let us schedule vacations at the same time anyways? Doesn’t someone need to mind the store?), and I find we owe an apology. We missed not one, but TWO ‘Five Things’ columns. I had hoped I’d be able to get them done from where I was via the crackberry, but it just wasn’t working.

While we were away, America celebrated another birthday, several celebrities passed away, the NHL started it’s free agent signing spree (With the usual dubious moves) and most importantly…. the spammers helped run up our hit count.

I’d like to personally thank the spammers for that but please remember, no matter how many hits you give us I’m still not approving that gibberish you leave in the comments section. At least make it entertaining spam that’s worth reading, or make it porn, or something other than “cyslemahndn mnekelkahuuodnf” which makes us think the monkey fell asleep at your keyboard again.

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