Daily Archives: July 10, 2009

Five thoughts on a Friday

Back at it with 5 thoughts on a Friday here today…

  1. To the guys (or gals) that hacked and reprogrammed the road sign this morning, nice job – but you can do better. “Warning, Volcano Eruption” isn’t nearly as good as the Zombie warning someone pulled off down south earlier this year.
  2. I rolled into the office this morning, and have to walk past the coffee machine to get to my desk. I noticed there was NO COFFEE MADE (or brewing).  Is someone *trying* to have an incident occur here?
  3. Saw a chair up on the concrete divider of the expressway this morning.  So let me get this right.. After someone lost it on the freeway, someone else felt compelled to stop, pick it up(!), and put it up on the divider? I just don’t get it….  (In my defense, I had not had any coffee yet)
  4. As interesting and entertaining as the morning has been. Staying home and playing Madden football on the Xbox would have been better.
  5. A quick survey of the liquor cabinet last night revealed…. I need to go shopping! Guess what I’m probably doing tonight?

Until next time, have a great weekend folks!