Five Thoughts on a Friday

Good Morning Intrepid web browsers, and welcome to another Friday. So lets get this show on the road with this week’s Five Thoughts.

  1. The stomach flu is not nut fun. End of story.  (It is however, a highly effective means of short term weight loss. 7 lbs in 2 days with no exercise. Top THAT, Nutri-System!)
  2. It’s nice to see that many municipalities around town have figured out how to solve their budget shortfalls. Fortunately, I have not been approached by the men with badges and flashing lights above their vehicles for a mandatory donation yet. (Probably has something to do with never being in a hurry to get to the office.)
  3. Less than 3 weeks after my return from my 4th of July vacation, NFL teams have reported to training camp. Summer is officially over. July used to be the middle of summer, not the end. WhenTheF*ck did this happen? I would like to file an official protest about this.
  4. Somehow “Texting while driving” is being debated in the news again. How is this even a debate? I have a text plan. I’ve never wanted to send a text while driving (Hell, I don’t even like talking on the phone). There’s something about the “Trying to look at the screen and type” that has just always seemed like an inherently BAD idea to me. I would imagine it would be even worse in a 5-speed.
  5. Shark Week starts on the Discovery Channel this Sunday. I love Shark Week. Probably not the BEST thing to be watching before going to the ocean in a few weeks, but what the hell.

Ok, that’s 5 thoughts and to steal Dennis Miller’s old line (WAAY OLD at this point…)……

I Am Outa Here!

Have a great weekend!

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