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Five Thoughts on a..err, whatever

In the absence of my co-blogger, here is my take on his five thoughts for the week:

1.Does fall start when the calendar says so or when Starbucks starts selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

2.You smell something burning?  Wait, someone just realized that they bought the “small” bag of microwave popcorn!

3.Man, there are just some days I really miss reading Foxtrot comics…and today is one of them.

4.Why is it that all “down south” people I meet say that they don’t know how I can live in the midwest, yet never come out of their air conditioned homes?

5.I have to say that the Batman Arkham Asylum game has to be one of the best video games based on a super hero ever.  I would even go so far to say that it ranks up there as one of the best “games” ever.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

The Shadow Knows!

I’m a geek.  I admit it and I have no problem with it.  I’m a tech geek, cartoon geek, movie geek, video game geek, computer geek…if it’s geeky, more than likely I’m into it.  My latest geeky love has been old time radio.  I’ve been addicted to the Old Time Radio channel on Sirius for quite some time now.  What I would love to know is why this hasn’t made a comeback lately.

I mean with all the podcast crap out there, how come someone hasn’t figured out a way to make this a profitable entertainment venture.  You could easily use the old techniques of adding a sponsor’s product into the story line like Fibber McGee and Molly. I love listening to those stories just to see where the product placement would be inserted.

I’m all for starting up some new classics and would love to hear some great ideas for new shows.  I recently listened to an Episode of Suspense titled Zero Hour based on a Ray Bradbury story.  It was fantastic.  I gotta believe there are a ton of writers out there who could easily write up some new stories.  Let me know if we have any fans out there and I’d love to start a “garage” revival of old time radio!

Five Thoughts on a Friday

Good morning, and Welcome to today’s latest “pre-vacation” edition of Five Thoughts.

  1. My body is waiting on my flight, but my mind left several days ago. Hope the damned thing saves me a seat at the bar. And brain? DON’T DRINK THE DAMNED BAR DRY BEFORE I GET THERE THIS TIME!
  2. Saw a crash on the road this morning leaving me with only one thought. “How the F*ck do you get into a single car accident with one of those portable electronic road signs?!!?”
  3. I made to the end of the week. I only have one question. Time to go yet?
  4. Anyone know what’s been going on in the world this week? I haven’t been watching.
  5. The NFL has started playing games. Summer is officially over. Time to tune up the snowblowers, you folks in the north.

Ok, that’s five. And this time when I say I’m out of here, I mean it! Have a great weekend.

Five Thoughts on a Friday…

It’s Friday again. One of us is heading on vacation this week, and the other flies off the next so we’ll call this the “pre-vacations edition” of Five Thoughts.

  1. RIP Les Paul. You were a name synonymous with Rock and Roll. (And it’s the second week in a row we’ve had an RIP in Five thoughts. Kind of depressing, actually. )
  2. Beer’s rule #1 of working in an office. No checking email before I get my coffee. Seriously, you do *not* want the answers I would fire back if I haven’t had my coffee yet.
  3. It’s the end of August, and summer finally shows it’s face around these parts. Nice.
  4. This weekend (Well, it unofficially started back around Monday) is the annual Woodward Dream Cruise. If you love old cars and hot rods, it’s an event you have to see at least once to believe no matter where you live. After that, feel free to complain about the crowds and snarled traffic like all the other people have have been to one. 🙂
  5. Caught part of History of the World last night. They just don’t make them like that anymore (And would probably never be allowed to by the PC crowd!). All Hollywood seems to be cranking out now is rehashed crap.  I mean, they’re talking about remaking Red Dawn for crying out loud! They *do* realize that was based around cold war tensions right? You know, Soviet Russia invading the United States?.  Head. Desk. Slam.

Ok folks, that’s 5 things… time to start the weekend!

The Beerbarrel’s Top 10…..

Hello, and welcome to the inaugural “The Beerbarrel’s top 10…”.

Yeah, yeah… We know. Everyone does top 10 lists. So what? Doesn’t mean we can’t too, and hopefully ours will be a bit different.  We hope to make this an “irregular feature” here at The Beerbarrel, meaning you never know when one might pop up, but it should become a recurring theme.

And to lead things off, we present The Beerbarrel’s top 10……  Songs that are “Just ‘Totally‘ 80’s”. (Ed note: Yeah, we  went there)

  1. Thriller (Michael Jackson).  It was the top one, deal with it. Unparalleled doesn’t even begin to define how big a hit this song was at the time compared to anything else in the 80’s. No, it’s not here because he just died. It’s here because in the 80’s, when this thing came out, EVERYBODY had a copy. Yes, you did too. Admit it.
  2. Video Killed the Radio Star (The Buggles). The very first video ever played on MTV. That alone secures it’s place on this list. And I must hang my head in shame and admit I saw it happen. Live.
  3. Money For Nothing (Dire Straits). With a catchy video, and it’s even catchier use of the “I want my MTV” ad phrase as a refrain, this is another song everyone in the 80’s heard. (Bonus points if you can name the background singer doing the “I want my MTV” refrain)
  4. Safety Dance (Men Without Hats). Quirky, funny, and just a bit different. And supposedly it was about the nuclear arms race (?!?!?!?)
  5. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor).  It was from Rocky III. You remember that one, right? It had Mr. T, and Hulk Hogan in it! Back when EVERYONE knew who they were in the heyday of the WWF (I know it isn’t called that anymore, but it was back then!). Yes, even if you thought wrestling was a joke in the 80’s, you knew who Hulk Hogan was. Admit it.
  6. Living On a Prayer (Bon Jovi). The 80’s gave rise to “hair metal” (still heard on Hair Nation on Sirius/XM), and this one was a prime example.
  7. Obsession (Animotion). The lyrics alone.. “What do you want me to be, to make you sleep with me” put it in the list.
  8. Whip It (Devo). Everybody heard this one. And Devo was…. different.
  9. I Ran (Flock of Seagulls). I don’t know if it was just the song, or seeing that horrible, horrible video that went with it but this one screams “I’m from the 80’s” with the best of them.
  10. The Theme from Miami Vice (Jan Hammer). Even today, Miami Vice just SCREAMS “80’s” like nothing else. Not any Swatch watch you can dig out, not your boom boxes, or your parachute pants. Although the pants might come close.

So there you have it. Our first Top 10… list. One thing that really struck me while working on it was how many songs actually could qualify for a list like this. Originally I thought we could do some “honorable mentions”, but there would be too many.

Think we missed an obvious one (I’m sure we did)? Have a suggestion for the next Beerbarrel’s Top 10 that we should try to tackle? Let us know!

Five Thoughts on a Friday

It’s Friday again! That means it’s time for 5 thoughts!

  1. RIP John Hughes. You put out some classics in the 80’s. Still fun to watch today.
  2. If anyone needs to find me this weekend, I’ll probably either be at the Polish tent getting pierogi, or at the beer tent getting, well…. Beer.
  3. A thought struck me the other day about just HOW bad the DJing (Is that a word, DJing? If not, it should be for at least this post) is on Sirius/XM radio. I don’t think the DJs even know what song is coming up next. I’ve heard them talk all about one band, and then the next song is from someone completely different! Is the segue a lost art?
  4. Really enjoying shark week, but with a trip to the ocean on the horizon I’m wondering if it’s really for the best to be watching all about sharks.
  5. Just realized there’s a car show near my house tonight. Great. Just getting over the hot rod bug, and there’s going to be all kinds of hot rods around. That’ll sure help.

Ok, that’s the quick 5 thoughts for today. Have a great weekend!

Random Happy Thought

I’ve just realized how much I missed watching old episodes of Cheers.  Lately, my “go to” tv program had been episodes of Seinfeld, but I stumbled upon an old episode of Cheers and it made me smile.   It was the one where Norm and Cliff were fighting with each other and each used a monkey to express the other’s career choices.   It brought back memories of my younger years and catching “Must see” tv.  Looks like I found my long lost buddy and we’ve got some catching up to do.

“Hey Norm, how’s the world treating you?”
“Like a baby treats a diaper.”