Five Thoughts on a Friday

It’s Friday again! That means it’s time for 5 thoughts!

  1. RIP John Hughes. You put out some classics in the 80’s. Still fun to watch today.
  2. If anyone needs to find me this weekend, I’ll probably either be at the Polish tent getting pierogi, or at the beer tent getting, well…. Beer.
  3. A thought struck me the other day about just HOW bad the DJing (Is that a word, DJing? If not, it should be for at least this post) is on Sirius/XM radio. I don’t think the DJs even know what song is coming up next. I’ve heard them talk all about one band, and then the next song is from someone completely different! Is the segue a lost art?
  4. Really enjoying shark week, but with a trip to the ocean on the horizon I’m wondering if it’s really for the best to be watching all about sharks.
  5. Just realized there’s a car show near my house tonight. Great. Just getting over the hot rod bug, and there’s going to be all kinds of hot rods around. That’ll sure help.

Ok, that’s the quick 5 thoughts for today. Have a great weekend!

One response to “Five Thoughts on a Friday

  1. when you live in an area without any quality local radio stations… the DJs on Sirius are worthy of praise, IMO. seriously, Nashville radio….. awful.

    when we go to Michigan the first thing we do in the rental cars is set the radio stations. 89x, 96.3, wrif, wcsx. sigh. miss them.

    remember wllz? the best.

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