Five Thoughts on a Friday…

It’s Friday again. One of us is heading on vacation this week, and the other flies off the next so we’ll call this the “pre-vacations edition” of Five Thoughts.

  1. RIP Les Paul. You were a name synonymous with Rock and Roll. (And it’s the second week in a row we’ve had an RIP in Five thoughts. Kind of depressing, actually. )
  2. Beer’s rule #1 of working in an office. No checking email before I get my coffee. Seriously, you do *not* want the answers I would fire back if I haven’t had my coffee yet.
  3. It’s the end of August, and summer finally shows it’s face around these parts. Nice.
  4. This weekend (Well, it unofficially started back around Monday) is the annual Woodward Dream Cruise. If you love old cars and hot rods, it’s an event you have to see at least once to believe no matter where you live. After that, feel free to complain about the crowds and snarled traffic like all the other people have have been to one. 🙂
  5. Caught part of History of the World last night. They just don’t make them like that anymore (And would probably never be allowed to by the PC crowd!). All Hollywood seems to be cranking out now is rehashed crap.  I mean, they’re talking about remaking Red Dawn for crying out loud! They *do* realize that was based around cold war tensions right? You know, Soviet Russia invading the United States?.  Head. Desk. Slam.

Ok folks, that’s 5 things… time to start the weekend!

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