Five Thoughts on a Friday

Good morning, and Welcome to today’s latest “pre-vacation” edition of Five Thoughts.

  1. My body is waiting on my flight, but my mind left several days ago. Hope the damned thing saves me a seat at the bar. And brain? DON’T DRINK THE DAMNED BAR DRY BEFORE I GET THERE THIS TIME!
  2. Saw a crash on the road this morning leaving me with only one thought. “How the F*ck do you get into a single car accident with one of those portable electronic road signs?!!?”
  3. I made to the end of the week. I only have one question. Time to go yet?
  4. Anyone know what’s been going on in the world this week? I haven’t been watching.
  5. The NFL has started playing games. Summer is officially over. Time to tune up the snowblowers, you folks in the north.

Ok, that’s five. And this time when I say I’m out of here, I mean it! Have a great weekend.

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