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Five Thoughts on a Friday

Here we are, another Friday already. Was going to say “Looks like we made it” except I didn’t want to channel any bad Barry Manilow songs…ah, damn. I just did, didn’t I? Sorry about that. Anyways, Five Thoughts!

  1. I’m thinking it should be Five Things instead of Five Thoughts. Yes? No? Doesn’t really matter? Just wondering if it would allow for more material.
  2. Folks, just to review. The vertical pedal on the right is the accelerator. It makes you speed up. This is especially helpful when merging onto busy expressways. As opposed to the break to the left, which makes you slow down in front of oncoming traffic, increasing your odds of being run over by a large cement truck or gravel hauler. Or being shot at. Just saying. Road rage and all.
  3. Today was ride your bike to work day. I drove. There’s this thing called an interstate that I don’t feel comfortable riding my bike on. Oh, and as of 7:15am there was ONE bike in the designated parking area.
  4. Been drinking Jamaican coffee. Not bad. Not sure if I’m ready to place it over Kona or Kauai coffee, but it’s definitely nice. I suspect I need to try more of it to properly decide.
  5. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why Oktoberfest starts in September. Doesn’t that make it Septemberfest?

Ok, that’s it for today. Have great weekend folks!


Can’t find the butter man!

Quick post….anyone else find it funny seeing Pearl Jam selling their album on a Target commercial….BLAH HA HA HA HA!!!…..I MEAN…EDDIE VEDDER….TICKETMASTER…”BATTLE OF THE TITANS” and now TARGET!!!!

Fall’s here!

I’d like to take a moment today to officially welcome Fall’s arrival. The cider mills are bustling, the leaves are turning. Football is being played. This is an important event.

Why is it important, you may ask? You see, now that Fall’s here, winter is right around the corner. This is *very* important.

Why is that important, you ask?

Because I think dealing with THIS:
Winter Traffic

Is the only thing that’s going to put an end to the tag team efforts of my lead food and gasoline fueled brain to keep me obsessing over getting something like THIS:
Shelby Mustang
(And driving it like that, too!)
Of course, a winning lotto ticket would result in my having the car, AND avoiding driving in winter weather. Maybe I should just aim for that. That’s a realistic plan, right?

I’m Beermaker, and this has been a completely pointless post.

Five Thoughts on a Friday

Hi all,

And welcome to a quick and dirty (No, not THAT type of dirty. Maybe we’ll do that type of stuff at a later time.) version of Five Thoughts. And here we go…..

  1. Habitat for humanity is really a nice outfit, we went Monday to help start a house. You read that right, we did the framing. Wonder if the people the house is for would still want it if they knew that.
  2. The state put spent about a month putting up some safety fences along a local interstate. It took someone all of about 3 days after they finished to try it out. At least it appears the fence worked as intended.
  3. Next vacation is planned. Small victories folks, it’s all about small victories!
  4. Why is it that every time I try to organize and clean in the house, it seems to make a bigger mess?
  5. Sometimes it pays to be friendly and nice. Sometimes being friendly and nice KEEPS you from having to pay. That’s one of those aforementioned small victories. (See what I did there? Foreshadowing! We have literary concepts here at The Beerbarrel!)

Ok, that’s it. I’m out for the weekend.

Later folks,

Five Thoughts On a Friday

Happy Friday folks! We made it to the end of another week.

Before we start today though, let me acknowledge the 800 pound gorilla over there in the corner…..
Today is September 11th. 8 years ago a bunch of people lost their lives, and regardless of your opinions of that event – think well of them today.

Now then… On with our irreverence!

  1. I’m frequently plagued by misspellings, but a text the other day shed new light on it for me. It’s amazing the difference in the meaning conveyed by “Pizza for dinner?” when the ‘A’ is missing from ‘Pizza’. Think about that one.
  2. There was a story out of Denver this week that the US Army had discovered that they accidentally growing marijuana at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Turns out they were re-seeding some cleanup areas, and the mulch they were using wasn’t as “weed free” as advertised.  Opps. Can they get a refund? Or at least a Twinkie or some Doritos?
  3. My television could die tomorrow and I probably wouldn’t miss it, other than for the Xbox that is..  Do ABC, CBS, and NBC still even exist? (Oh, you too Fox. You still out there? Hope so, you carry NFL games.)
  4. Coffee from Jamaica. Good stuff. Drinking it in the morning before switching to the crap here at the office just makes the crap taste even crappier.
  5. Best political line I’ve heard in a while came from the Office of the Mayor of Detroit (of all places!) recently. After a 50 driver “sick out” on a Sunday to protest job cuts, the Mayor more or less had this to say:”The fact that we had 50 drivers out sick and it didn’t interrupt service means we probably have at least 50 drivers more than we need” (Caught it on TV, so it isn’t a direct quote) – Note to the union, if you hold a sick out and nobody notices… It’s going to end badly for you.

Ok, that’s five and I’m ready start my weekend! What? What do you mean I have to finish work first before I can go drinking? Dammit, Brain!

Five Thoughts on a Friday

Happy Friday, and welcome to the “Post-vacation, Pre-long weekend” edition of Five thoughts. Without further ado… here we go!

  1. It’s Labor Day Weekend here in the United States. So once again, get this grills ready folks. I’m pretty sure it’s the law. (People cooking on smokers can get a special qualifying waiver)
  2. The speed at which a nice vacation tan disappears under office fluorescent lights is truly disturbing. It’s also very sad to see it slip away that fast.
  3. Went to a fireworks display last night – you know it’s a good one when you feel the booms shaking the ground. The band that played before the fireworks was pretty good, too. Not a bad way at all to head into a holiday weekend.
  4. Coming to you “live” from the comfort of my own home today, not the office. I love long weekends. They should be mandatory.
  5. College football season is officially underway. That leaves only one important question. Is it time for cider and donuts at the apple orchard yet? Mmmmm…. Donuts….
  6. A bonus for the long weekend – Remember folks, BBQ is “officially” slow cooked over low heat coal (or smoke wood, etc), grilling is cooked over high heat flames/coals. Why do I mention this? Because whether you call it grilled or BBQ’d… if it’s good, enjoy it and stop arguing about it!  🙂

Have a great one folks, I’m Out!


Random thoughts on weather and gaming…

Yes, we’ve admitted before that we’re gamers here at The Beerbarrel. Not great ones by any stretch but we still are.

Why am I posting about it again here today then? Because I’ve noticed that as the weather has started turning cooler, thoughts turn to fall… and for some reason that brings on thoughts of more gaming time. Maybe it’s because I realize there won’t be many more night time cookouts on the back deck. Fewer and fewer trips outside to mow the lawn and do yard work. Basically, more time in the house.

So my co-blogger has been raving about the new Batman game for the Xbox 360. Me, I’m still trying to get through last year’s Madden and NHL titles. Plus, there’s Warcraft to sink my time into. But with a new season comes a desire for new games. And one caught my eye.

Champions online – Looked interesting, but the more I checked on their website, the more “Meh” I felt about it.  If it was cool, it would mean leaving Warcraft since I’m not going to pay for two MMOs to ignore. But I couldn’t find a lot of info on a subscription. Digging into the FAQ on the game page I found this little gem:

Q: Will a monthly fee be required to play?
We have not yet announced the pricing structure for the game.

Yeah, that’s cool and all… for the beta. However, this game launched on September 1st. Today is September 2nd. You’ve launched your game…. I certainly hope “Decide on pricing structure” was on a checklist somewhere above “Flip switch to go live with the game”. Updating the FAQ to reflect that decision before turning the game on would be a good thing, too.

Why am I being so picky? Because I firmly believe that if you mess up the launch, you miss your chance. Oh, you might still have success but it will never meet the original potential. Want to see an analogy? Check out this story from a WoW blogger at The WoW Street Journal – Warhammer, the Game that Could Have Been. Warhammer is still there, and having success. But a lot of the people who left Warcraft for it, are now BACK in Warcraft.

So maybe I’ll download Champions tonight and see about giving it a go. Maybe I’ll like it. Maybe not. I just got an email the other day that reminded me that I still have Pirates of the Caribbean on my PC, maybe I should go see what’s up with that again…

Or maybe I’ll just go work on the house and restore that stairway that I’ve been putting off.

That’s all for now!