Random thoughts on weather and gaming…

Yes, we’ve admitted before that we’re gamers here at The Beerbarrel. Not great ones by any stretch but we still are.

Why am I posting about it again here today then? Because I’ve noticed that as the weather has started turning cooler, thoughts turn to fall… and for some reason that brings on thoughts of more gaming time. Maybe it’s because I realize there won’t be many more night time cookouts on the back deck. Fewer and fewer trips outside to mow the lawn and do yard work. Basically, more time in the house.

So my co-blogger has been raving about the new Batman game for the Xbox 360. Me, I’m still trying to get through last year’s Madden and NHL titles. Plus, there’s Warcraft to sink my time into. But with a new season comes a desire for new games. And one caught my eye.

Champions online – Looked interesting, but the more I checked on their website, the more “Meh” I felt about it.  If it was cool, it would mean leaving Warcraft since I’m not going to pay for two MMOs to ignore. But I couldn’t find a lot of info on a subscription. Digging into the FAQ on the game page I found this little gem:

Q: Will a monthly fee be required to play?
We have not yet announced the pricing structure for the game.

Yeah, that’s cool and all… for the beta. However, this game launched on September 1st. Today is September 2nd. You’ve launched your game…. I certainly hope “Decide on pricing structure” was on a checklist somewhere above “Flip switch to go live with the game”. Updating the FAQ to reflect that decision before turning the game on would be a good thing, too.

Why am I being so picky? Because I firmly believe that if you mess up the launch, you miss your chance. Oh, you might still have success but it will never meet the original potential. Want to see an analogy? Check out this story from a WoW blogger at The WoW Street Journal – Warhammer, the Game that Could Have Been. Warhammer is still there, and having success. But a lot of the people who left Warcraft for it, are now BACK in Warcraft.

So maybe I’ll download Champions tonight and see about giving it a go. Maybe I’ll like it. Maybe not. I just got an email the other day that reminded me that I still have Pirates of the Caribbean on my PC, maybe I should go see what’s up with that again…

Or maybe I’ll just go work on the house and restore that stairway that I’ve been putting off.

That’s all for now!

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