Five Thoughts on a Friday

Happy Friday, and welcome to the “Post-vacation, Pre-long weekend” edition of Five thoughts. Without further ado… here we go!

  1. It’s Labor Day Weekend here in the United States. So once again, get this grills ready folks. I’m pretty sure it’s the law. (People cooking on smokers can get a special qualifying waiver)
  2. The speed at which a nice vacation tan disappears under office fluorescent lights is truly disturbing. It’s also very sad to see it slip away that fast.
  3. Went to a fireworks display last night – you know it’s a good one when you feel the booms shaking the ground. The band that played before the fireworks was pretty good, too. Not a bad way at all to head into a holiday weekend.
  4. Coming to you “live” from the comfort of my own home today, not the office. I love long weekends. They should be mandatory.
  5. College football season is officially underway. That leaves only one important question. Is it time for cider and donuts at the apple orchard yet? Mmmmm…. Donuts….
  6. A bonus for the long weekend – Remember folks, BBQ is “officially” slow cooked over low heat coal (or smoke wood, etc), grilling is cooked over high heat flames/coals. Why do I mention this? Because whether you call it grilled or BBQ’d… if it’s good, enjoy it and stop arguing about it!  🙂

Have a great one folks, I’m Out!


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