Five Thoughts On a Friday

Happy Friday folks! We made it to the end of another week.

Before we start today though, let me acknowledge the 800 pound gorilla over there in the corner…..
Today is September 11th. 8 years ago a bunch of people lost their lives, and regardless of your opinions of that event – think well of them today.

Now then… On with our irreverence!

  1. I’m frequently plagued by misspellings, but a text the other day shed new light on it for me. It’s amazing the difference in the meaning conveyed by “Pizza for dinner?” when the ‘A’ is missing from ‘Pizza’. Think about that one.
  2. There was a story out of Denver this week that the US Army had discovered that they accidentally growing marijuana at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Turns out they were re-seeding some cleanup areas, and the mulch they were using wasn’t as “weed free” as advertised.  Opps. Can they get a refund? Or at least a Twinkie or some Doritos?
  3. My television could die tomorrow and I probably wouldn’t miss it, other than for the Xbox that is..  Do ABC, CBS, and NBC still even exist? (Oh, you too Fox. You still out there? Hope so, you carry NFL games.)
  4. Coffee from Jamaica. Good stuff. Drinking it in the morning before switching to the crap here at the office just makes the crap taste even crappier.
  5. Best political line I’ve heard in a while came from the Office of the Mayor of Detroit (of all places!) recently. After a 50 driver “sick out” on a Sunday to protest job cuts, the Mayor more or less had this to say:”The fact that we had 50 drivers out sick and it didn’t interrupt service means we probably have at least 50 drivers more than we need” (Caught it on TV, so it isn’t a direct quote) – Note to the union, if you hold a sick out and nobody notices… It’s going to end badly for you.

Ok, that’s five and I’m ready start my weekend! What? What do you mean I have to finish work first before I can go drinking? Dammit, Brain!

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