Five Thoughts on a Friday

Hi all,

And welcome to a quick and dirty (No, not THAT type of dirty. Maybe we’ll do that type of stuff at a later time.) version of Five Thoughts. And here we go…..

  1. Habitat for humanity is really a nice outfit, we went Monday to help start a house. You read that right, we did the framing. Wonder if the people the house is for would still want it if they knew that.
  2. The state put spent about a month putting up some safety fences along a local interstate. It took someone all of about 3 days after they finished to try it out. At least it appears the fence worked as intended.
  3. Next vacation is planned. Small victories folks, it’s all about small victories!
  4. Why is it that every time I try to organize and clean in the house, it seems to make a bigger mess?
  5. Sometimes it pays to be friendly and nice. Sometimes being friendly and nice KEEPS you from having to pay. That’s one of those aforementioned small victories. (See what I did there? Foreshadowing! We have literary concepts here at The Beerbarrel!)

Ok, that’s it. I’m out for the weekend.

Later folks,

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