Five Thoughts on a Friday

It’s Friday again! And that means it’s time for…

Five Thoughts on a Friday!

(too dramatic?)

Anywho… On with the Shoe!

  1. I think I may be one of the few people who still makes, and gets, Ed Sullivan jokes. Time to give it up?
  2. As I told my partner in crime yesterday – I don’t mind city workers not caring when I call to complain about something. I’m used to that. On the other had, if they’re going try to cite me for things “on my property” I do expect them to know *where* the property lines are. (So they can understand it wasn’t ON MY PROPERTY!)
  3. DirectTV has dropped Versus. This means that the National Hockey League (NHL) is now seen in about 4 homes in the United States.
  4. Remember when you were little, and you were always asking “why?” The adults always got annoyed with it. So why is it now that one of the more popular corporate “problem solving” techniques is the “5 whys”. Oh, so when we get older, NOW we’re supposed to ask why? Fine, here’s one for you… WHY don’t you just let the kids ask when they’re young and get it all out of their system / learn what they need to then? How’s that?
  5. Lasty… note to the on site cafeteria. One of the greatest smells in the world is bacon cooking. However, one of the worst smells is bacon burning. STOP BURNING THE BACON!

Have a great weekend folks!

One response to “Five Thoughts on a Friday

  1. #3) television networks and providers are the primary reason that hockey is virtually dead in America… darn shame. Went to four bars last night looking for the Caps Bruins game, none of them carried it, bummer

    #5) Bacon smells awesome!!!

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