The great HDTV dilemma

So it’s no secret that I have an Xbox 360 at home. At least I’m not trying to keep it a secret. I don’t use it much though. Over the past few days I’ve tried it, and I’ve come to one inescapable conclusion. The headline above is true. To get the most from my Xbox, I’m going to have to upgrade my TV.


The TV the Xbox is hooked to isn’t anything special at all. It’s your basic small, non-HDTV secondary TV for the house. It’s served me well through all of the PS2 era, but with the rise of these high detail games, the lower definition and small screen are making it hard to read some of the stuff on the screen. And for all you jokers out there? I did get my eyes checked. I was told that “Medically speaking I had very boring eyes” and I needed no corrective lenses. Don’t even have to go back for a checkup this year unless there’s a change in my vision.

So here I am. With the Xbox hooked to a less than ideal TV and limited options.

  • Hook the Xbox to the big television in the other room (Where I really don’t want the Xbox to be)
  • Bring the big TV into the small room where I have the Xbox <– Not *really* an option for several reasons
  • Suffer along with the small TV and just deal with a severely sub-optimal gaming experience
  • See if there’s a way to swap the other television from upstairs. See if that one is better.
  • Remodel the whole room – and then buy a brand new, larger, HDTV for myself as a reward.

Those last two entries seem to hold the most potential. And I have to do something, or I doubt I’ll be buying many more games for the console anytime soon.

So which one would YOU pick?


2 responses to “The great HDTV dilemma

  1. The remodel + larger HDTV sounds like the way to go to me. But that’s just me.

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