Sometimes it’s the work behind the scenes that counts

As you can see, there have been no posts since Friday. This is due to a number of things. A collaborator in absentia, a nasty cold, work being busy, and some experimentation on the HDTV debate. it really *is* easy to get hooked back into playing Xbox, you know? Could be something that turns into a blog topic too, so that’s good.  It was mostly about checking the display on the TV though. Check out the tweet in the side bar, it’s that way ———–>

That being said, it hasn’t been completely unproductive around here at the Beerbarrel and we’ll be back tomorrow for Five Thoughts of course. In the meantime we’ve been toying around with the video embedding, and it works well enough. It’s just been a matter of picking out the first video to get put up here on the Beerbarrel.

Settled on this one. It was a great video at the time, and honestly still is. Entertainment folks, that’s what it’s about sometimes.

Now, anyone know what the song was written about? We’re not telling.


One response to “Sometimes it’s the work behind the scenes that counts

  1. Thank you
    I like your blog

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