Five Thoughts on a Friday

Happy Friday, and welcome to the pre-Halloween edition of Five Thoughts on a Friday!We’re moving fast today, so on with the show!

  1. No. I won’t give you any candy today. It isn’t Halloween. I don’t give a rat’s ass if the subdivision/city/whatever decided today would be a better day to have trick or treating. You trick or treat on Halloween. In the Dark. Like it’s supposed to be done. Now get off my lawn!!!
  2. Great story from a friend who coaches a youth hockey team this week. Turns out he needed to get a new goalie after Mr. Over protective hockey parent pulled the old goalie off the team. Why would someone pull a goalie off of a team? Poor coaching? Nope – youth league for crying out loud. Not enough ice time – nope, he was the goalie. The goalie got pulled off the time because…. wait for it…  He was facing too many shots!!   Hello!! Goalie! Supposed to have the other team taking shots. In fact, some people call facing a lot of shots “Practice”.  Have fun growing up in that environment, snowflake.
  3. The end of October means that the year is really going to start speeding up now. You get into Thanksgiving in pretty short order here in the States, then December is a blur as you rush headlong into Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And you have 56 shopping days left until Christmas. Feel free to freak out now.
  4. How do you top a headline and story like this?  Answer… You don’t.
    Looking into loos ahead of Euro 2012 soccer
    WARSAW (Reuters) – Patrols of two, wearing white overalls, are boldly entering toilets across Poland to check whether the country is loo-ready for the 2012 EURO soccer championships.
    Lots of loos pass the test, they say, but others — particularly those that date back to pre-1989 Communist days — are less enticing.
  5. Note to MLB….. Reggie Jackson’s nickname of “Mr. October” meant something because the World Series ended in October. Now it ends in November. In the snow (Which is kind of funny to see on TV – a baseball game getting snowed on). Schedule some extra double header games or something during the summer to fix this!

That’s it for today folks! See you in November!

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