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Five Thoughts on a Friday (Black Friday, no less)

No, I didn’t forget. I just lost track of time and didn’t have this written up and set to auto post. And no, I wasn’t out shopping. Anyways, on today’s Five thoughts on a Friday…

  1. I’m an HDTV household now. Nothing fancy, just a 19″ HDTV (And no, not the fancy 1080p either). Still, the difference on the Xbox is amazing. Just amazing. Now if that tv just didn’t look so ridiculously small occupying the space it’s 19″ predecessor seemed to fill so nicely. I also have to reprogram the universal remote now. Hope it works.
  2. Yes, I know people who DID go out shopping. How do you think we got the TV? I still think it’s nuts though, getting up that early the day after Thanksgiving. And here’s why…
  3. Yes, I believe it IS still possible to be full from yesterday’s dinner at lunchtime the next day. Is that a sign of eating too much?
  4. I’m still not used to there being a 3rd NFL game on Thanksgiving. I actually completely missed it. Who won?
  5. Today is the day after Thanksgiving. There’s no stopping the onslaught of Christmas commercials, music, etc. now. Of course, now that it’s the next holiday up on the docket, that’s ok. Before now, not so much.

Ok, that’s a fast five and I’m off to go make a turkey sandwich. Later folks!

Sometimes the posts just write themselves….

So, Beer’s getting lunch at the coney island today and is just about turn and walk out the door with his take out when he hears the subject of today’s quick post.

“I need a saganaki to go!”

Ok, explain.

Exactly just *how* does one get saganaki to go, anyways? I’m sorry but “Flaming cheese to go” just seems problematic to me. Don’t you think?



Yeah. I want to see them put THAT into the little Styrofoam case my chili fries came in!


Five Thoughts on a Friday

Another Friday has arrived. And with it, another Five Thoughts on a Friday. Let’s see where ti leads this time.

  1. I take out the trash in the morning before leaving for the office. It helps keep the neighborhood cats/critters/etc. from tearing it up overnight. This has nothing to do with the point I want to make though, it just sort of sets the scene. It’s Early, It’s DARK. Two the two people jobbing down the street in the morning, nice job – exercise is important. Might I suggest NOT wearing BLACK outfits if you’re going to run down the middle of a dimly light street?
  2. I saw a speech where the topic of “Employee Development” came up. One of the executives, trumpeting his company’s success mentioned that “During the recent fiscal crisis, we’ve seen very little employee turnover”. Wait, let me get this straight… Unemployment rates have been in double digit figures, and you’re patting yourself on the back because your employees aren’t leaving for… No other available job? To quote the guys in the old Guinness commercial… “Brilliant!”  That must be corporate math. Or a line from a Dilbert cartoon. Welcome to corporate America. He probably even got a bonus for keeping turnover down.
  3. Next Thursday is “Eat way too much food and then pass out on the couch while watching Football day”. Oh, it’s also Thanksgiving. Which is why it’s different than the average football fan’s Saturday/Sunday routine, I guess.
  4. This is what news reporting has come to? One of the top stories is that the White House is at odds with Catholic Bishops over abortions in health care legislation.  This is NEWS? We’re not here to take sides, I’d just like to point out that Catholic Bishops have traditionally been against this type of thing since… Umm, how old is the Catholic Church now? So them being against comes as a surprise…. how?  Slow news day guys?
  5. I haven’t seen any promos for movies opening this weekend. There ARE still movies coming out, right? Or has Hollywood finally given up? I imagine it could have something to do with hardly watching regular television these days (in part to work, home remodeling, gaming, and watching channels like Discovery and NatGeo). Sorry, But I’m more inclined to watch the show with the 20ft Great White sharks jumping out of the water than something like a recycled show from the 90s. Come to think of it, network TV is beginning to strike me as very similar to the current state of the movie industry. Go figure.

Ok, that’s 5 and I am completely ready for this weekend to start. Short week next week folks, enjoy your holiday!

Of writer’s block and holidays

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=brick+wall&iid=282799″ src=”0279/2d9ff865-7cb0-486a-a03d-83a8a1959b6d.jpg?adImageId=7633286&imageId=282799″ width=”480″ height=”480″ /]

See that picture? That’s me right now when it comes to posts. The meter needs money and I’m staring at a brick wall.

Oh, I’ve got a lot of post ideas. And a bunch of half written posts. Partly it’s to remember the idea (I’ll often come up with something and think “Great idea” only to go “What the heck was that idea again” when I want to sit down and write it up), and the other is a combination of things that just didn’t “work” for any number of reasons. Eventually I expect a lot of these will get published.

So this is where I end up with most of them right now. Hopefulyl the Thanksgiving break (and the food!) will give me some ideas. Ideally it won’t entail me trying to lop off a fingertip again, either!

The good (?) news… Tomorrow’s Friday! See Ya then!

Five Thoughts on a Friday

A Friday the 13th no less! Considered doing a Friday the 13th/Superstitious theme but decided against it. Instead, we went with the mention it (Done!) and move on (Moving on!) approach.

So, after a hectic week that’s kept us from putting up any other posts it’s time for today’s Five Thoughts on a Friday to wrap up the week.

  1. My computer has been giving me grief all morning. Do you have any idea how hard that’s making it to keep from just saying “That’s it, week’s over. Going home.” right now?  The answer – Very hard.
  2. So, if 25 kids in Chicago get arrested for a Food Fight (Article Here), what in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks would Bruto Blutarski have gotten rung up for the one he started in Animal House? High Treason?  Seriously… Arrested? For a food fight? (Ok, I’ll grant you the meatloaf at school probably SHOULD have been classified as a weapon of mass destruction. Or at least cruel and unusual punishment)
  3. There was a story on the news this morning about the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner being down a little bit here in the US. Said the average cost for a dinner for 10 would be about $43.  This begs the question… WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AND WHAT THE HECK KIND OF MATH ARE THEY USING????  And 10 people? Let me guess, they all get one slice of turkey, one yam, and a biscuit. Right? I’m telling you – why make stuff up? Reality provides you plenty of ammunition.
  4. Places NOT to park your Bugatti… A swamp comes to mind. Seriously, you parked a Bugatti in a swamp and the best you have is “Low flying bird” and “Dropped cell phone”?
  5. Another weekend with no movies I really care if I see or not. The big one looks to be 2012. What’s this fascination with the end of the Mayan calendar. I mean, isn’t just a little bit possible that the Mayans simply went.. “You know what, that’s enough calendar for now. We’ll do more when we get closer”? Why does it HAVE to be doomsday. It could just be Tuesday after all is said and done.

Ok, that’s five and we’re done here. Mr. Blutarski? Take us out please.

Have a great weekend folks!

Five thoughts on a Friday (Afternoon!?!)

Did you think I forgot?

Well I did, sort of. I forgot to set it up to post while I was out of the office this morning. So here’s a slightly amended version  🙂

  1. Things you never expect to see at 6:30 in the morning…..  a 6 point buck (yes, a Deer) right by the side of the road. In the middle of the major metropolitan area where I live. Out in the “country” suburbs, fine. 12 miles from downtown Detroit….  Unexpected. That was my drive in yesterday.
  2. Congrats to the New York Yankees on winning the World Series. They’re have a ticker tape parade for them in NYC today. I only have one question, what cost more – This year’s Yankee Payroll, or the cost of setting up, having, and then cleaning up the parade? And why do I think of these things, anyways?
  3. Halloween has come and gone. AndIhaven’tquitefinisheduptheleftovercandyyetbutit’sokitdoesn’treallyhaveanyeffectonme!
  4. Next up, Turkey day! Time to start planning how to cook that bird and how the Lions will get destroyed. And I promise to try not to cut off any fingertips this year. Boy, do that once and it gets brought up every year. Sheesh!
  5. Why, WHY must there be one tree, that has a TON of leaves that stubbornly refuses to drop them with the rest of the trees? It insists on holding it’s leaves until all the other leaves are swept/raked up. Does it not want to drop DEAD LEAVES on the cluttered ground or something????

Have a great weekend folks, I’m off to rake up the aforementioned leaves!