Of writer’s block and holidays

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=brick+wall&iid=282799″ src=”0279/2d9ff865-7cb0-486a-a03d-83a8a1959b6d.jpg?adImageId=7633286&imageId=282799″ width=”480″ height=”480″ /]

See that picture? That’s me right now when it comes to posts. The meter needs money and I’m staring at a brick wall.

Oh, I’ve got a lot of post ideas. And a bunch of half written posts. Partly it’s to remember the idea (I’ll often come up with something and think “Great idea” only to go “What the heck was that idea again” when I want to sit down and write it up), and the other is a combination of things that just didn’t “work” for any number of reasons. Eventually I expect a lot of these will get published.

So this is where I end up with most of them right now. Hopefulyl the Thanksgiving break (and the food!) will give me some ideas. Ideally it won’t entail me trying to lop off a fingertip again, either!

The good (?) news… Tomorrow’s Friday! See Ya then!

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