Five on a Friday…the King style!

So I think my fellow co-blogger is unavailable again to do his Five for Friday.  I think he does this just to get me to get off my dupa and start writing again.  Well, here goes…..

  1. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a holiday nut.  I’ll watch any movie that has a Christmas theme tied to it no matter how bad it is.  Well, I think I’ve finally found a movie that will end that streak for me…Deck the Halls.  People, is there any other piece of junk movie out there worse than that one…Bah Hum Bug!
  2. Along those same lines, is there any more awesome movie with a Christmas theme than the original Die Hard!  “Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…”
  3. Where’s the snow dammit!  Haven’t you heard what I’m dreaming of…..White Christmas!
  4. Hey Buddy!  Here’s an idea…finish making your turn before you decide to open your car door and pour out your coffee!  That way you won’t go bouncing up on the curb almost hitting a telephone pole and have an intersection of people staring at you!
  5. I’ve always said I’m a simple man with simple thoughts and here’s one.  If we’re using all this stimulus money and extending unemployment benefits,  why don’t we just offer full tax refunds for businesses to hire new employees?  It would be a tax refund for hiring, hell let’s just say two people, and you need to keep them on staff for two years.  So my simple plan would be refunding the business owners the full cost of two employees for the first year.  That way we get people employed and hopefully start feeling comfortable knowing they have a job for awhile.  I’m sure it can be shredded a hundred ways, but hey, I’m trying to thing think outside the box!

Okay, I’m done…hopefully I haven’t scared away any of our two normal readers.  My partner in crime will be back next week…until then, keep crashing the net!

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