Daily Archives: December 11, 2009

Five thoughts on a Friday – the back in the saddle edition

It’s Friday again already! You know, one nice thing about doing these posts is that they tend to make Friday show up awfully quick. That’s not really a bad thing, now is it? So without further adieu… let’s get back into the saddle after a week off (for me at least – my partner had to work).

(You knew from the title that song was going to show up somewhere, right?)

And here’s today’s five:

  1. A Michigan couple was recently charged in an extortion attempt against John Stamos.  Seriously? No offense, Mr. Stamos but that’s the best they could do? No Brad Pitt? No George Clooney? C’mon folks, if you’re going to try to extort someone, go big! Think Bill Gates / Warren Buffet. Now those guys have some cash! Just sayin’, you know?
  2. As I was working this post up, and thinking of some other ideas for posts I noticed – Almost every post I do usually involves some sort of list. It must have something to do with how my brain works (or fails to work) since I deal with list nearly constantly. Part lists, Reconciliation lists, To Do lists, shopping lists, $h*t lists.. Hey look, I just made a list of lists!
  3. According to most traffic laws, a pedestrian in a cross walk always has the right of way. According to the laws of physics, that 4000 pound (or more!) hunk of machinery doing 45mph still has the right of way. If it was you, which law do you think you would obey? Hmmm?
  4. Been catching as many of the old Christmas specials as possible. They’re just fun for some reason. So far some of the notables are Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Charlie Brown, and of course Christmas Vacation. Watching some of these has made me realize how little I miss network television in general though.
  5. Writer’s block on #5. Can you believe it? I had almost everything else set to go, and then this. Damned morning drive was too uneventful, that’s why. Not a single thing came to me on the drive in. A commute spanning 2 interstates is almost always good for at least ONE entry! Then again… I don’t really remember the drive in this morning. Looks like I was on autopilot again. That’s it, off to make more coffee then. Apparently a full pot of coffee at home just wasn’t enough.

Ok, that’s 5 things and I really *am* off to make more coffee. Have a great weekend folks!