Daily Archives: December 18, 2009

Five thoughts on a Friday… The ??? edition

It’s Friday! The last work Friday of the year. And here we are again with another edition of Five Thoughts, so let’s get started!

  1. It’s the last Friday before Christmas, and no my shopping isn’t done. So what? It’ll be finished soon. The real issue is the mental checking out that happens. I can see the signs all over the office. People’s minds are on where they have to go, who’s coming over, what they still need to do or make, anything but the job at hand. Any employer or manager that doesn’t admit or acknowledge that it happens is a fool. It’s just human nature.
  2. Speaking of checking out and just “going through the motions”… To the traffic reporter guy on the morning news. Yeah, you. The one who said “Today is the start of the lighter holiday traffic volumes” right before I walked out the door. Did you even look at your traffic cameras or talk to someone who had? There were MORE cars on the road for the drive in than there have been all week! You just read the pre-written blurb off of the paper,  didn’t you?
  3. Calder Dairy’s Eggnog. That’s the stuff. So thick you can barely get the dark rum or bourbon to mix in. It just wants to float on the top. Pricey, but VERY worth it. And hey, it’s the holidays. Splurge a little!
  4. From the “This type of number boggles the mind” department… According to the Army Corps of Engineers, Lake Michigan is 10 inches higher this week than it was at this time last year. That doesn’t sound like much, until you think about HOW MUCH WATER it would take to raise a lake that size even a fraction of an inch. How big is lake Michigan? It runs the ENTIRE western coast of Michigan’s lower peninsula. That folks, is a VERY large lake. Think “ocean” big.
  5. Back to the holiday splurging for a second. It’s the holidays. You have to splurge, and that means there’s probably going to be at least a little bit of weight gaining. Just go with it. I mean, don’t go nuts but enjoy yourself. I mean, aren’t those cookies and other assorted goodies worth it?

Ok, that’s the last Five Things before Christmas. Merry Christmas folks!