Daily Archives: December 21, 2009

From the obscure reaches of Beermaker’s brain….

Yes, I’ve totally gone off the rails this week. Must be all that eggnog.

We saw one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies again recently. I like them, they’re pretty entertaining and funny. Still, there’s always been something about Captain Jack Sparrow. Something that made me think the idea and the appearance of the guy wasn’t quite new or originally. I always had the feeling I’d seen him somewhere before.

Now, I’d been to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride so I always kind of figured that was probably it. Some sort of old connection to that somehow.  I mean, here’s dear ol’ Jack… not exactly a common look:

And yet way off in the dark corners of my brain it just kept kicking around. The idea I’d seen something like that somewhere before. Then the obscure happened.

So I checked at first. No, the rum wasn’t gone so I wasn’t seeing things. There really was a predecessor to Captain Jack Sparrow.  At least in terms of dress. Now call me crazy if you want, it wouldn’t be the first time or the worst thing I’ve been called. So, am I going to say it? You betcha.

Ladies and Gentleman, please meet Captain Jack Sparrow’s fashion inspiration…

Mr. Adam Ant

Well, what do you think?
If nothing else, it gives me a chance to use an early days of MTV type of video.

Until next time, Later folks!