Daily Archives: December 23, 2009

Shopping. Done and Done!

Call it folks. As of 7:32pm last night, Beer had his Christmas shopping done. Now comes the bad part, finishing up the wrapping.

A few notes as I recap this holiday shopping season:

I was pleasantly surprised that I really didn’t run into angry/cranky shopper person that much. Oh sure, there was the one lady demanding boxes and such at one store with only the statement “I bought a bunch of..”. No receipt, not buying anything right then. But honestly miss cashier, she really did buy it! You should just giver her all of the boxes even though she couldn’t be bothered to even bring a receipt back to the store, even though it’s against store rules. I mean, why do what you’ve been told?

What I did spot of a lot of were the idiots stupid people damned fools “Situationally unaware”. I like to refer to these folks as the ones who don’t realize there’s an actual world going on around them. You know them, they’re the ones who stop right in the middle of the aisle suddenly, blocking all traffic. Out in the parking lot they meander around looking for their car completely oblivious to the fact they’re almost being run over by cars. And to the nice lady talking on her phone in her Jeep. Yes, I’m sure you complained to whomever it was you were talking to about me and the car in front of me (The one you were nose to nose with that wouldn’t/couldn’t move aside). I’ll let you in on a little secret though. The reason we wouldn’t/couldn’t get out of your way? You were trying to go the WRONG WAY down a ONE WAY isle. Sorry you missed the sign right next to your window. And the big painted yellow arrows. It’s ok, you gave me something to write about.

The rest were the typical stressed out, in shock type of shoppers. Especially last night. I don’t always get that. Yes, I waited till late in the game to shop, but I wasn’t worried. I know what I’m getting (or at least have a decent idea), and I go get it. In many cases it takes me longer to navigate the parking lot and get parked than it takes me to get into the store, buy the gift, and leave. These folks though, they walk around with looks of shock and horror on their faces like Christmas just came out of nowhere and they aren’t sure what to do. So for them offer a small hint. “Odds are good that Christmas will be back next December folks! Just so it doesn’t sneak up on you next year.” There we go. You’re welcome folks, no need to thank me. I know it can be tricky, having to pin down the date to December 25th every year.

Ok, I’m going to go consider alternative wrapping techniques now.

Merry Christmas from the The Beerbarrel everyone!
-Beer and The King

(Christmas Wrapping – Get it?)