Five thoughts on a Friday, The Merry Christmas Edition

It’s Christmas! It’s Friday! It’s time for FIVE, GOLDEN RINGS! Five Thoughts on a Friday!

  1. Get ready folks, because it’s already started and this year will be a double whammy. As we lead up to New Year’s Day prepare to be inundated with end of the year and end of the DECADE lists and shows. Best of This Best of That, Who died, who didn’t. This was great, this was crap, etc.
  2. Ah, Christmas Day. Day two of a multi day blur of eating, visiting, eating, traveling, eating, and.. did I mention eating? Oh, I think there may be some presents under the tree too, some of them are probably even food!
  3. I have met my quota for the year. All the important, must see Christmas Specials have been seen this year. For me they include Merry Christmas Charlie Brown, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Christmas Vacation, and A Christmas Story.
  4. Favorite line from Pirates of the Caribbean.. “But why is the rum gone?” I’ll tell you why. Because a plane overshot the runway while landing in Jamaica and broke in two. If something like that happened to me while I was flying to Jamaica, I’d drink all the damned rum I could get my hands on!
  5. Just for the record, I *didn’t* shoot my eye out with that BB gun when I was a kid. So there.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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