Five Thoughts on a Friday – the Happy New Year edition

Shhh…. everyone is probably still sleeping, or can’t handle bright lights and/or loud noises right now. Heck, even this typing might be too loud for some. Still, it’s Friday and here are five thoughts to start the new year out with.

  1. It’s New Year’s Day. That means there are something like 837 different college bowl games on today. At least, it will seem that way. I like some of the bowl games earlier holiday season better though. Just for the names and the teams they get. Where else can you see a couple of community colleges square off in the “Joe and Fred’s Pizza and Rib Shack Bowl”. Still, the Beerbarrel’s best bet for today’s games? Penn State vs. LSU.
  2. Speaking of New Year’s Day and all the college football games. Why does the NHL think THIS is the day they need to have their Winter Classic? I mean, I love the concept and the novelty of having one outdoor game a year. But to have it on a day where you can virtually guarantee that half of your target audience is watching college football?  It just don’t add up. Which, I guess makes perfect sense where the NHL is concerned.
  3. If you listen very carefully this afternoon, you may start to hear some clanking and whirring type sounds in your neighborhood. No, this isn’t some type of robot invasion. It’s all your neighbors getting out the weights and treadmills. Resolution time is here! They’re all starting down that “This year, I’m going to exercise and stick with it!” road.
  4. Did anyone else notice the obscene amount of trash left in Times Square after the big celebration started breaking up? Sheesh! It would be best if people would pick up after themselves, obviously. Since they don’t though, maybe try NOT showing the garbage covered street (I’m serious, there were spots were you couldn’t see the pavement!) on national television if you want to promote the even in a positive light?
  5. It’s ok, you can say this last one is phoning it in if you’d like. We’re going with it anyways. The last item of the day is a very simple one the week. Happy New Year everyone. May 2010 be better for you than 2009.

Ok, that’s five! Now, I’ll take a cup of coffee please. I need to start thinking abut where to order the pizza from to watch the games today.

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