Five Thoughts on a Friday

Happy Friday everyone, and welcome to the first “working” Friday of 2010 for most people. Hope everyone’s first week didn’t seem too interminably long. Even if it did though, it’s Friday now – home stretch for the weekend! And on that note, time for today’s Five Thoughts.

  1. Just want to clear something up for some people. If you’re being passed continuously on the expressway on the left and the right, the problem isn’t “Everyone driving like maniacs”. The problem, is *YOU*.  Just wanted to be clear on that one, OK?
  2. Lots of spammers sending stuff in to start the year. Some of it’s funny, some incomprehensible. Seriously guys.. if it’s just all gibberish, do you actually think anyone is going to click the link? Really? Still the personal favorite though, for humor reasons…  Cialis Softabs. Um.. isn’t cialis (and viagra) supposed to do the opposite?
  3. Have you ever listened to sports talk radio at all? Have you ever noticed just how many divorce lawyers seem to advertise there? Guys, here’s a hint… If you’re primary interests are continually exposing you to advertisements for divorce lawyers and the like. You are in a very BAD demographic. You may seriously want to reconsider some of your habits and interests.
  4. Trying to gain traction to get back into the swing here in this first workweek of the year. Not working great. Well, I take that back. There’s been a lot of progress made on researching a future vacation, but I’m not really sure that counts. I need a career change. Anyone know of any schools offering degrees in professional vacation taking? That seems like it would be a good gig.
  5. And today’s final though comes courtesy of the King. I have to say I agree with him.
    So, we’ve had our first “true” snow fall here and even though we live in the snow belt, it seems to have caught everyone by surprise.  Heck, our news stations led every news cast with stories on the snow fall.  But, I have to leave it up to my unemployed next door neighbor for the most bizarre action.  Snow blowing at 1am!!  Seriously?!  Are you waiting for the last snowflake to hit?  Are you afraid someone will need to use the sidewalk at that time? Oh, and by the way, when the snowblower makes that gawd awful sound? Yeah, that’s the lawn……..

Ok, that’s five and we’re off to enjoy the weekend. My snow is already shoveled.

Have a great one folks!

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