Daily Archives: January 26, 2010

Abandon all hope….

The saying used to be “Abandon All Hope, All ye who enter here”.

It used to hang in dungeons/jails as a warning to all those entering incarceration there. Basically it was meant to say “You’re screwed. You’re done. There’s no way out of this one. Give it up.”.  These days, the simpler wording in the title of this post is probably more appropriate unless they want to start hanging the original signs in the delivery room.  Just going with “Abandon all hope” is more accurate. Once you’re born, give it up folks.

Today’s example comes from the office. No, not the funny show on television. A real office. The type of place that inspires things like Dilbert, movies like Office Space, and shows like The Office.

Now, the sad thing is – this is about a sticker. It’s a sticker that was put onto the paper towel (paper HAND towel) dispensers here at the office. Why bring this up? Because the sticker didn’t used to be there. It’s a recent addition.

So here we are folks, at the point where we once again “Abandon All Hope”. Here’s today’s example:

So we have to ask, what’s worse? The fact that the need for the sticker must have arisen because someone somewhere in the building was indeed trying to flush the paper hand towels down the toilet?


The point that neither the people ordering, the ones producing, nor the ones putting the stickers on the towel dispensers ever bothered to proofread them?

What exactly is “Please do not flush flush paper towel down toilets” supposed to mean anyways? Other than “We didn’t actually read these before we put them up, can you tell?

Yes, yes we can. Thanks. Abandon all hope folks.