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Well, the hockey game definitely lived up to the hype.  I thought for sure that USA was going to come back and win it with the tying goal scored with less than a minute left.  Then, the worse thing ever happened.  He scored the winning goal in overtime.  Anyone but him, please…..but no……it was him.  This will just add to his folklore, I can hear it now…..”Our Crosby, who is a Canadian….”  Oh well, great game neighbor from the north.  Congrats on the win.  Great job you American kids.  Glad to hear that you were the youngest bunch at the Olympics and hoping you’ll learn and come back in 4 years to really tear it up.  Oh well, opening a beer to you Canucks…Congrats!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The moving on up edition

Good morning, and welcome to a snowy Friday morning. It’s time once again for Five Thoughts, so let’s get started.

  1. In a bit of a rush today, we’re being moved around at work. Apparently after several years, we’re now sitting in the wrong place. Who knew? The funniest part though? Some coworkers got moved yesterday. We played a joke on them this morning, and it’s currently lying in wait. Those are the best pranks you know. The ones that slowly develop and no one sees coming.
  2. Once I saw it, this one was basically a given:  Are the Olympics ready for … pole dancing? I don’t know about the Olympics, but I know a bunch of guys who would probably say yes. And people thought my idea of racing 4 bobsleds down the track at once was far fetched…
  3. Saw a reference to a Florida Room, which isn’t usually a big deal. But it was by someone in Florida – Which begs the question, “People in Florida still have Florida rooms?? Don’t they by default have entire Florida HOUSES?” Just curious. Is the room with the really good air conditioning the “Michigan Room” or the “Canada Room”?  And why does it have to be a Florida Room? Can’t it be a Georgia room? Or a Jamaica Room?
  4. I need to clear a couple of things up that I’ve heard about the impressive Team USA men’s hockey win over Canada that my co-blogger covered. It was NOT what NHL hockey should be. Unless you want a 6 or 8 team NHL with team payrolls around $220 Million each. And it was not ANYTHING like the Miracle on Ice in 1980 at Lake Placid. Those were kids beating arguably the best team on the planet. This was NHL pros beating NHL pros. Huge difference.
  5. And in what’s becoming a regular occurrence while catching the Olympic updates, I caught this gem on Wednesday of this week: “American Lindsey Vonn crashes in Giant Slalom and breaks finger – will not medal”. Well, thank you ESPN. All this time I thought crashing was HOW you get the medals in skiing. Instead of, you know, finishing the race with the fastest time.

Ok, that’s five for today and the movers are here. Guess I’ll go see what George and Weezie are up to.

Have a great weekend folks!

Hold your head up high Michigan….

Well Michigan, you can hold your head up high.  As I was watching Team USA play Team Canada in some of the best freakin’ hockey I have seen in years, I was proud to call Michigan my home.  I mean, just look at these numbers:

  1. RYAN MILLER Hometown: East Lansing, MI   42 saves on 45 shots
  2. BRIAN RAFALSKI Hometown: Dearborn, MI  2 Goals 1 Assist
  3. RYAN KESLER Hometown: Livonia, MI 1 Goal

Four of the five goals were touched by a player from Michigan and Miller looked fantastic.  If Michigan was a Hockey Dad he would have to be the guy standing along the glass looking in on the game with a huge smile.

I’ve always said I was proud to be an American, but proudest to be from Michigan.  Congrats USA and great job boys!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Pinball Wizard edition

No, this isn’t going to be some Who themed post. No Superbowl halftime performance or anything like that. What’s it about? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Funniest headline from the Olympics so far was seen on Tuesday. One of the downhill skiing events (I think it may have been the Super Combined) was canceled due to snow. Now, I understand why as far as visibility and all, but the headline on the sports ticker “Alpine Skiing: Men’s Super Combined postponed due to heavy snow” just struck me as funny. Snow skiing, canceled because of… Snow. Yeah.
  2. On a completely difference subject…. To my fellow coworkers. The restrooms are conveniently located right near the coffee station. Please, put your coffee cup on the counter at the coffee station before using the restroom. Do you have any idea how wrong it looks to see you walking out of the bathroom with your cup in your hand? Seriously folks. That’s just nasty.
  3. I’ve spent my fair share of time and money playing pinball over the years. I never truly intended to BE a pinball though. Of all the things to cross off my “list of things I want to do”, “Total a car in a multi vehicle accident at 70mph” was never there. I can now cross it off the list though. As my co-blogger put it “You WERE the pileup on the interstate”. Apparently he heard the traffic report.
  4. The magical first signs of spring are upon us…. Pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training.
  5. I think we need a tag that says “We couldn’t make this up if we tried”. I mean, how else do you explain a headline this this:   Body falls from cargo plane leaving Dominican Rep. About the only thing I find more odd than that, was this line: The flight arrived in Florida about two hours later.  So… a body falls out of a plane taking off, and nobody thinks that maybe they should call the plane and say “umm.. get back here, you just dropped a body!”

Ok folks, that’s five and I’m off to find more trouble to get into!

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday, the Light That Torch Edition

Well folks, we’ve made it to another Friday! Let’s see what’s rattling around in Beer’s brain for this edition of Five Thoughts.

  1. Note to the grocery store. No, I don’t want to buy one of your little cloth grocery bags to “go green”. You know how I want to go green? By saving paper. Yeah, paper. See, when I stop in to buy bread and milk… not only do I not need a bag (cloth or otherwise) but I also don’t need a receipt that’s a foot and a half long!
  2. The Winter Olympics are here. These were always THE Olympics to watch growing up. The summer ones, not so much. The winter games are all the stuff your parents told you NOT to do. “Stay off the ice”, “Don’t sled down that hill it’s not safe”. I mean – they have a sport that combines skiing and GUNS! Now, if we could get one that involves ski jumping and guns, I bet the ratings would really skyrocket.
  3. Of course, speaking of the Olympics – What the heck happened to the “Great White North”? I think the east coast of the United States has stolen all the snow this winter. Quit hogging all the snow! Then again, that whole ski jumping thing could get a lot more interesting if there’s no snow when they land.
  4. On the gaming front, Star Trek Online is getting a fair amount of buzz. Might need to check it out. Also coming on the horizon… World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, which is apparently going to be coming out this year. A golden age for MMOs? Or is it going to be market over saturation? Time will tell.
  5. This was a good one from the news this week. A Thief robbed an arcade with a cup of coffee. Laugh all you want, but I can see it happening. Heck, if it’s anything like the coffee here at the office, those people had plenty of reasons to be fearful. Bad coffee can be seriously scary stuff!

Ok folks, that’s five and we’re just about down. But I want to leave with one final little tidbit. Because when it comes to winter sports crashes, there’s one phrase that will be forever burned into the pop culture lexicon. The holy grail of ski crashes, if you will. And it can be summed up in these four words:

“The Agony of Defeat”

Is there a more iconic ski crash, than the one that played for years on Wide World of Sports?

Have a great weekend folks!

What the heck happened to my commercials?

This year’s crop of Superbowl commercials gets the official Beerbarrel “Meh” rating. Overall, there were far more disappointments than there were home runs. Here’s our quick overview/rundown of some of the high and low lights.

The big, controversial, “Pro Life” ad with Tim Tebow and his mother? Harmless, and more or less boring. Some lady comes on the screen and just starts talking – and I turn my head and start talking to the people I was watching the game with. More or less missed it.

All I’m going to say on this subject is this… there was a stretch of commercials where there was a disturbing lack of pants. Tighty Whities do not belong on television like that. Now those ads… THOSE ads were offensive.

The cheetah print thong in the remake of the Chicago Bears Superbowl Shuffle? Also offensive. (This is what that once feared football team has been reduced to? Shades of Little Richard shilling for Taco Bell back in the 90s.)

One company could save a lot of money by not shooting the same commercial over and over again. You know the one – the one that’s “Too hot for TV”. The “See what happens next on our website” routine gets old after 6-7 years, folks.

The US government ran an advertisement for the upcoming census. And in true bureaucratic form, they spent a lot of money and probably didn’t accomplish anything. (Ok, Ok, I’ll get off the soapbox)

And I’m sorry to have to say this, because I thought the commercial was fantastic. A great joke, and sort of a modernized send up of one of the all time Superbowl commercial greats, but I have a feeling there’s a large chunk of the audience that just did not get the McDonald’s commercial. We closed out 5 thoughts with it on Friday. If you watch the original first, the new one makes a lot more sense.


New One:

But hey… At least we got a great game to watch in between the commercials this year!

Later Folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday, the “I heard there was some sort of football game this weekend” edition

It’s Friday again folks, and that means it’s time for Five Thoughts. For the record, I believe this post now holds the title for longest “post title” on the blog.

  1. It seems Wayne Newton forgot where he left his plane. The folks at the Oakland County airport haven’t forgotten about it though, or the storage fees.  Hey, if you’re going to abandon an airplane – an airport might not be a bad place to do it. I mean, who’s going to notice one more plane right away… right? Danke schön there, Wayne.
  2. It’s amazing how disruptive little things can be in an office. Little things like the cleaning crew coming and shutting down the restrooms for cleaning at a different,  random time each day. C’mon! Pick a time and stick with it so we can schedule these things, ok? We live off of outlook calendars here. We don’t do well with random times!
  3. Been an awfully rough week for Toyota. Still, it was probably to be expected. After all, everyone loves to take a shot at the champ. Heck, even the US Secretary of Transportation got into the act for a bit, initially telling people not to drive their cars. Funny how they always say that stuff, then pull back a bit isn’t it?
  4. This could probably have been a post all on it’s own, but we’ll mention it here. This doesn’t apply to most workplaces, but if you work somewhere where a coworker might be filming a television segment (with you in the background) and you want a demonstration of what NOT to do… Watch the video in this story.
  5. And lastly, there’s the tiny little football game being played in Miami this weekend. The Beerbarrel’s prediction for the game? Our prediction is… pain.  No no, Just kidding. Our official prediction is that the first commercial after the opening kickoff will belong to Anheiser Busch. (Of course, having said that, watch it be Pepsi)

What, you didn’t think we actually had any insight on the actual GAME, did you?

We’ll close up with one of the great Superbowl ads of all time… “Nothing but net”

Have a great weekend folks!

What would Austin Powers say?

If they ever figure out who’s behind it – I fully expect hollywood to go after them for royalties. At least they aren’t calling them Fembots…. yet.

MI5 hunting breast implants of death

I’m pretty sure they won’t have a lack of volunteers to conduct the “searches” either.  Man, the British spies get all the fun jobs – don’t they?

We were unable to reach Mr. Powers for a comment. He was apparently busy…

Austin and Fembots

Like we’ve said before folks. We don’t even have to make this stuff up.

Later Folks!