Five Thoughts on a Friday, the Light That Torch Edition

Well folks, we’ve made it to another Friday! Let’s see what’s rattling around in Beer’s brain for this edition of Five Thoughts.

  1. Note to the grocery store. No, I don’t want to buy one of your little cloth grocery bags to “go green”. You know how I want to go green? By saving paper. Yeah, paper. See, when I stop in to buy bread and milk… not only do I not need a bag (cloth or otherwise) but I also don’t need a receipt that’s a foot and a half long!
  2. The Winter Olympics are here. These were always THE Olympics to watch growing up. The summer ones, not so much. The winter games are all the stuff your parents told you NOT to do. “Stay off the ice”, “Don’t sled down that hill it’s not safe”. I mean – they have a sport that combines skiing and GUNS! Now, if we could get one that involves ski jumping and guns, I bet the ratings would really skyrocket.
  3. Of course, speaking of the Olympics – What the heck happened to the “Great White North”? I think the east coast of the United States has stolen all the snow this winter. Quit hogging all the snow! Then again, that whole ski jumping thing could get a lot more interesting if there’s no snow when they land.
  4. On the gaming front, Star Trek Online is getting a fair amount of buzz. Might need to check it out. Also coming on the horizon… World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, which is apparently going to be coming out this year. A golden age for MMOs? Or is it going to be market over saturation? Time will tell.
  5. This was a good one from the news this week. A Thief robbed an arcade with a cup of coffee. Laugh all you want, but I can see it happening. Heck, if it’s anything like the coffee here at the office, those people had plenty of reasons to be fearful. Bad coffee can be seriously scary stuff!

Ok folks, that’s five and we’re just about down. But I want to leave with one final little tidbit. Because when it comes to winter sports crashes, there’s one phrase that will be forever burned into the pop culture lexicon. The holy grail of ski crashes, if you will. And it can be summed up in these four words:

“The Agony of Defeat”

Is there a more iconic ski crash, than the one that played for years on Wide World of Sports?

Have a great weekend folks!

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