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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “I am NOT saying Rock On” edition

Howdy folks! It’s Friday again, and I confess – I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it for a bit. What a week. Things are looking up now though, so let’s get started with today’s Five Thoughts. As for today’s not so witty title… Thought number 5 may help explain things…

  1. Saw an article bashing the NHL again, no big shock there. This one was discussing the NHL’s seeming lack of interest in addressing some of the violent aspects of the game that it says it wants to curtail. And the paper where the article was? The Montreal Gazette! That’s like there being an article trashing the priest in his own church paper!
  2. If your job gives you a service award for reaching a milestone, and the gift you pick is a Shop-Vac…. Is that a way of subtly saying that you think your job sucks?
  3. Not charging into politics here, but the First Lady recently said something that I figure is certain to start a real fight. The lines were already clearly drawn before she threw gas on the fire. I mean really, you can mess with a lot of things, but when you start taking sides on the pizza wars – look out! Especially going against your home town like that!
  4. (These next two come courtesy of Kingkielbasa)
    I saw the strangest infomercial last night.  It was for the shoedini.  It’s a shoe horn on a stick.  That’s all it is!  But the strangest thing was it was narrated by Gilbert Gottfried!!!  Since when did Gilbert Gottfried become a spokesperson for the elderly?  Also, why do all infomercials need to represent moments of pain in black and white?

  5. I think it should be “Bring back old sayings” day today.  My items for the list:
    Rock on!
    Right on!

    I will do my part to bring these back into the vocabulary of America starting today!

    Rock on!

Ok, that’s five and I want Pizza!!

Later Folks! (See, I told you I wouldn’t say it!)

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Donuts and Coffee edition

Good morning, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts. We’re in a bit of a chipper mood this morning, let’s see how long it manages to last.

  1. We were treated to coffee and donuts at work this morning. That’s good. It’s going to ruin the coffee drinking for the rest of the day. That’s bad. How, you may ask? It’s simple really. Even though it’s only Dunkin Donuts coffee, it’s orders of magnitude better than the crap here at the office. Trying to downshift back to that will be near impossible.
  2. I’ve been asked in passing why we don’t seem to comment much (if at all) about some of the celebrity scandals like Tiger Woods and the as of yesterday Sandra Bullock/Jesse James mess. Well, I look at it like this… First, there are about 80,000 other blogs already doing it. And, for the most part I just don’t think it’s funny. I also don’t think it’s news, or even worth the words I’ve wasted on it here in this post. So there we have it. That being said some of the jokes that do come of it make me laugh. Especially when the canned “Professional” denials and apologies start. Does anyone really ever believe any of that crap?
  3. Ok, with the all of the above being said…. This is just too easy to pass up. Pot, meet kettle:
    (Link to the article I got this from)
    James, whose real name is Veronica Siwik-Daniels, said she met Woods when she was working at a Las Vegas nightclub he frequented. She said he led her to believe she was the only woman in his life other than his wife.
    “If I would have known everything that was going on, and wasn’t being lied to, I would have done things differently,” she said.

    So… you were okay with a married man cheating on his wife with you, but you feel wronged that he was cheating on his wife AND you with yet even more women? Please. Some people would call what you’re experiencing karma. Deal with it.

  4. Time to rip on the NHL some more again. My co-blogger and I are hockey fans, have been for years and years. Here’s one of the problems that the NHL needs to address… When 2 long time fans have this type of conversation:
    Beermaker: Wow, 8 game suspension for Wisniewski for his hit on Seabrook
    I tell you what, I can’t figure out the NHL and their “rules”

    Note to the NHL. When guys who were fans when people like Steve Yzerman, Ray Bourque, and Denis Savard were getting drafted are saying this, you have a problem.
  5. Now, you didn’t think I’d post today without some mention of the madness starting, did you? It’s just a teeny, tiny little basketball tournament. Although from the sounds of it, the brackets of half of my coworkers got blown up last night. Still, games kick back off at noon – everyone ready?

Ok, that’s five and I’m ready for the weekend. Besides it’s time to…. well, here..

Later Folks!

PS – They’re probably too busy to read this but congratulations to Bre and Luis on the arrival of AJ!

Happy St. Pat’s!

Yep, it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Remember, if you drink – be smart and get a ride home. It isn’t worth it.  Other than that knock yourself out, drink all the green beer you want and have a blast. In that way, St. Patrick’s day is like Fat Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. You go out to drink and party before tomorrow’s religious holiday. The Feast of the Holy Hangover. (A holiday usually observed in bathrooms and on living room couches. Accompanied by something for headaches and upset stomachs)

We’re being overly festive here at the office right now – Green Rice Crispy treats have made an appearance. You know, Rice Crispies look disturbingly like snots when they’re colored green. They really do. Tasty though.

And remember, a tiny little basketball tournament also starts soon – so you might as well just call the rest of the week off right now.

So have fun, be safe, and we’ll see you back here soon.

Later Folks!

Oh look! Videos are back! We could have gone with some traditional Irish Music, but we went with this instead. They’re FROM Ireland. And given the choice between “old dude singing Irish Music – or doing Riverdance” and this, well…. THIS.

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Firewall edition

Welcome to another Friday everyone. I’m afraid that this post will be a bit short of the usual videos I’ve tried to work in. It seems someone has turned up the work firewall to “block everything, even useful tools” mode. Anyways, we press on – so here are today’s five thoughts!

  1. Saw a billboard for “Affordable Bankruptcy”. Isn’t that one of those oxymorons? After all, isn’t bankruptcy, in it’s simplest term, not being able to afford anything? What’s so affordable about that?
  2. Ah, the sure signs of spring… The melting snow, the budding trees, the chirping of birds, the numerous trash cans knocked over and the bags ripped open by the cats and other critters in the neighborhood. Put the trash out in the morning folks, it helps.
  3. Speaking of the work firewall – Is a website that does Metric conversions really that big a problem that it has to be blocked? Heaven forbid someone converts something from millimeters to inches! Oh the horror!
  4. Does anyone have a solution for half written posts? I’d really like to not become the king of “posts that get started but never finished”. I mean, they seemed like good ideas at the time…
  5. I do have a bit of a solution for this firewall thing though…. It’s called a BlackBerry. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to cackle like a maniacal villain in the movies.

That’s a quick, firewall restricted five for today folks.

Have a great weekend!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Shock the Monkey Edition

Good morning, and welcome to another Friday. And another edition of Five thoughts. First off though, Congratulations to our own Kingkeilbasa on his new position – He won’t be missed here though, because he isn’t leaving. (YES,  he is still here!)

  1. NFL Free Agency started overnight, and there’s already the annual proclamations of “He’s not worth that much!”. You know what, you’re right. Technically, non of them are. But to change sports for an analogy, let’s use an approximation of a quote from Hall of Fame baseball manager “Sparky” Anderson. “it’s Baseball, the real world doesn’t have any bearing here”. Same thing here folks, it’s pro football – reality has no bearing on the salaries these guys get.
  2. I had notes for this week’s post. What I did with them I have NO idea. I’m certain I put them someplace where I was sure I would remember them and wouldn’t lose them.
  3. Hotel rooms in Vegas starting from $29 a night? Cool!  Airfare starting at almost $400 a person? Not cool!  Ok, admit it airlines, the casinos are getting a cut of that airfare, aren’t they?
  4. This one speaks for itself…Boozy chimp sent to rehab. So, who exactly gave the chimp the booze and smokes to begin with?  Granted, if the angry monkey wants my beer – I’d probably give it to him. If only to buy time to run away. Maybe they’ll cure him with shock treatments!  (And now you know how I picked the “Edition” name for this week! It was either that or Drunk Monkey edition)
  5. I just have to ask…. WHY? Aussie Underwear has gone bananas So, it’s made from bananas? Ok, that brings to mind TWO things.
    First obviously, is WHY?
    Second…  For God’s sake! Keep those things away from that drunken chimp!!!!

Just for the drunk monkey, since there was a video for this one.

That’s five, and it’s sunny outside so I am out of here.

Have a Great Weekend Folks!

A quick rebuttal….

My co-blogger, a fantastic guy who’s like a brother to me, often posts some small outbursts here (You may have noticed) in fits of emotion.  I think it’s fantastic, but last night he touched on a topic that seems to be gaining a bunch of traction in the online hockey community. Sydney Crosby scoring to win the gold medal for Team Canada.

Let me be perfectly clear about this. I am no great Sydney Crosby fan. I happen to think on many nights he isn’t even the best player on his own team, let alone the best in the NHL (Hello Mr. Ovechkin, please have a seat and we’ll get right back to you in a moment). Here’s the thing though…. Sydney Crosby has been crammed down the throat of the average NHL fan. He has not, however (Folks in Detroit probably won’t want to hear this next part) done a single thing on his own to warrant the hatred. He’s a good player. He stays out of trouble. He gives nice, safe, cliche answers when asked questions in the media. Pretty easy to see why he was chose as the face of the “New NHL”, isn’t it?

Alex Ovechkin? Better player (from one fan’s viewpoint). But plays too close to the edge, has too much fun, and doesn’t worry about playing it “safe”. Too risky to fill the “spokesperson” role. He actually reminds me of a young Jeremy Roenick in his early Chicago Blackhawk days. Reckless, aggressive, fearless. A must see player.

Back to young Mr. Crosby though. For all the promoting people complain about, let me say this… he earned his spot on Team Canada with his play. By the admission of the announcers his play in the gold medal game was anywhere from “not great” to “quiet” up until that goal. He stepped up when it mattered though.

And this, this is for all the people in Detroit. The player you love to hate. The one that has you proclaiming “Anyone but him!” and “Why did it have to be him?” was there, and was on the ice to score that goal because of two people that fans of Red Wing hockey hold dear (If not holy).

Steve YzermanSteve Yzerman

Mike BabcockMike Babcock

Those two guys know a thing or two about winning hockey. If they thought Sydney Crosby deserved to be there, I have to agree.

Congratulations to both Team Canada and Team USA for putting on two of the best games of Olympic hockey in a long, long time. And congratulations to Ryan Miller, the USA goalie who was tournament MVP. He was outstanding.

As I’ve said before, Olympic hockey is not “What NHL hockey should be” but this time around these two teams made it (For two games at least) everything Olympic hockey is supposed to be. Entertaining right to the end.

Later Folks!