Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Shock the Monkey Edition

Good morning, and welcome to another Friday. And another edition of Five thoughts. First off though, Congratulations to our own Kingkeilbasa on his new position – He won’t be missed here though, because he isn’t leaving. (YES,  he is still here!)

  1. NFL Free Agency started overnight, and there’s already the annual proclamations of “He’s not worth that much!”. You know what, you’re right. Technically, non of them are. But to change sports for an analogy, let’s use an approximation of a quote from Hall of Fame baseball manager “Sparky” Anderson. “it’s Baseball, the real world doesn’t have any bearing here”. Same thing here folks, it’s pro football – reality has no bearing on the salaries these guys get.
  2. I had notes for this week’s post. What I did with them I have NO idea. I’m certain I put them someplace where I was sure I would remember them and wouldn’t lose them.
  3. Hotel rooms in Vegas starting from $29 a night? Cool!  Airfare starting at almost $400 a person? Not cool!  Ok, admit it airlines, the casinos are getting a cut of that airfare, aren’t they?
  4. This one speaks for itself…Boozy chimp sent to rehab. So, who exactly gave the chimp the booze and smokes to begin with?  Granted, if the angry monkey wants my beer – I’d probably give it to him. If only to buy time to run away. Maybe they’ll cure him with shock treatments!  (And now you know how I picked the “Edition” name for this week! It was either that or Drunk Monkey edition)
  5. I just have to ask…. WHY? Aussie Underwear has gone bananas So, it’s made from bananas? Ok, that brings to mind TWO things.
    First obviously, is WHY?
    Second…  For God’s sake! Keep those things away from that drunken chimp!!!!

Just for the drunk monkey, since there was a video for this one.

That’s five, and it’s sunny outside so I am out of here.

Have a Great Weekend Folks!

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