Daily Archives: March 12, 2010

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Firewall edition

Welcome to another Friday everyone. I’m afraid that this post will be a bit short of the usual videos I’ve tried to work in. It seems someone has turned up the work firewall to “block everything, even useful tools” mode. Anyways, we press on – so here are today’s five thoughts!

  1. Saw a billboard for “Affordable Bankruptcy”. Isn’t that one of those oxymorons? After all, isn’t bankruptcy, in it’s simplest term, not being able to afford anything? What’s so affordable about that?
  2. Ah, the sure signs of spring… The melting snow, the budding trees, the chirping of birds, the numerous trash cans knocked over and the bags ripped open by the cats and other critters in the neighborhood. Put the trash out in the morning folks, it helps.
  3. Speaking of the work firewall – Is a website that does Metric conversions really that big a problem that it has to be blocked? Heaven forbid someone converts something from millimeters to inches! Oh the horror!
  4. Does anyone have a solution for half written posts? I’d really like to not become the king of “posts that get started but never finished”. I mean, they seemed like good ideas at the time…
  5. I do have a bit of a solution for this firewall thing though…. It’s called a BlackBerry. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to cackle like a maniacal villain in the movies.

That’s a quick, firewall restricted five for today folks.

Have a great weekend!