Five Thoughts on a Friday – The “I am NOT saying Rock On” edition

Howdy folks! It’s Friday again, and I confess – I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it for a bit. What a week. Things are looking up now though, so let’s get started with today’s Five Thoughts. As for today’s not so witty title… Thought number 5 may help explain things…

  1. Saw an article bashing the NHL again, no big shock there. This one was discussing the NHL’s seeming lack of interest in addressing some of the violent aspects of the game that it says it wants to curtail. And the paper where the article was? The Montreal Gazette! That’s like there being an article trashing the priest in his own church paper!
  2. If your job gives you a service award for reaching a milestone, and the gift you pick is a Shop-Vac…. Is that a way of subtly saying that you think your job sucks?
  3. Not charging into politics here, but the First Lady recently said something that I figure is certain to start a real fight. The lines were already clearly drawn before she threw gas on the fire. I mean really, you can mess with a lot of things, but when you start taking sides on the pizza wars – look out! Especially going against your home town like that!
  4. (These next two come courtesy of Kingkielbasa)
    I saw the strangest infomercial last night.  It was for the shoedini.  It’s a shoe horn on a stick.  That’s all it is!  But the strangest thing was it was narrated by Gilbert Gottfried!!!  Since when did Gilbert Gottfried become a spokesperson for the elderly?  Also, why do all infomercials need to represent moments of pain in black and white?

  5. I think it should be “Bring back old sayings” day today.  My items for the list:
    Rock on!
    Right on!

    I will do my part to bring these back into the vocabulary of America starting today!

    Rock on!

Ok, that’s five and I want Pizza!!

Later Folks! (See, I told you I wouldn’t say it!)

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