Five thoughts on a Friday….Viva St. Ig….nevermind

So my partner in crime has decided to leave it to me to do a Five thoughts this Friday.  Well,  I won’t be able to post anything on Friday so I’m a little early….SHHHHHHH…please don’t tell him!

1.  Spring is in the air, the sky is turning a beautiful blue and the snow has melted to expose all those presents my dog left behind.  Now,  I have a pretty hefty dog and his piles aren’t exactly normal.  The best way to describe them are that my backyard looks like it has all those crazy ant hills from Africa.  You think I joke….

2. When the weather gets warm, I have a bad habit of drinking  iced coffees.  Now I don’t care too much for the flavored, foo foo iced coffee, I like the plain old iced coffees.  I do however have to put in a high mark for one awesome iced coffee like drink….Tim Horton Iced cappuccino..slurp…slurp….TASTY!

3. Hey news media people, please…PLEASE….stop referring to those crazies as the Christian militia from Michigan.  I mean, my home state gets enough bad press with Kwame….now these guys have to be from here.  Also, we try not to get involved in politics or religion on this blog, but the little I know about Christianity, pretty sure Jesus Christ didn’t ask his followers to bear arms and kill Police Officers.

4. Hey, since I’m in charge of five thoughts…what the heck…I’m doing a double feature.   I was listening to Hockey Night in Canada Radio and they were talking about the great job Rask has been doing.  The one analyst said that he was really a calming influence for some of the guys.  That must be because he got this out of his system playing in the minors!

5. Finally, since it’s one day after April Fool’s day I had to post a link to one of my favorite pranks of all time from The Office:

Sssssh…don’t be scared….have a great Easter every one!

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