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Five Thoughts on a Friday – The road to nowhere edition

Wow, Friday again already. I guess it’s a good thing when the work week breezes right by. Lot’s going on and lots coming up. It keeps you hopping. Here in the States, we’re coming up on Memorial Day. Now, it’s regarded a a lot of things – 3 day weekend, the official start of summer, the okay to wear white (I don’t get that one either) but the real reason is to remember those who gave their lives in service to their country. So regardless of your opinions of anything currently happening, think kindly of those who have passed on. Now, there’s one other thing that Memorial Day weekend tends to bring, road trips! And NO, I am not playing “On the Road Again”. We’re staying home, but I am going to roll out this week’s five thoughts.

  1. We’ve already established that I like lists. I especially like lists that include a number of the scariest highways to drive on. Best part is, I’ve driven a number of them already, and have a trip scheduled for another. Worst part? I think my daily drive into the office is scarier.
  2. It’s like a road trip, but with BBQ! Having been through this area, I can also joke that to some it may qualify for the scary highway trip. The food, outstanding! The article, timely. Although in all honesty, there should be one more stop on that trail. A stop at the cardiologist’s office.
  3. Don’t go down THIS road. Seriously, this is a public service courtesy of the Beerbarrel. Do not *ever* use a search term like “wild Asian ass” in a search engine to finish the crossword puzzle of your local paper. It will not end how you think it will.
  4. The road at the bottom of the ocean. A cool story about a lost, but mostly preserved city being explored. Underwater. You’ll need a bigger boat.
  5. The end of the road? Granted, they haven’t done a really noteworthy vehicle of their own in decades now, but it would be really sad to see another historic automotive brand consigned to the scrap heap in the sky.

And that’s five roadmarkers thoughts, so it’s time to hit the gas and move along. Where are we going? Nowhere.

Have a great weekend folks!

The NHL Playoffs – Stanley Cup Finals Edition!

Well folks. Here we are. The NHL Stanley Cup finals.

Last night, Philadelphia beat Montreal 4-2 to advance to the finals where they will face the Chicago Blackhawks (who swept the San Jose Sharks). So much for me wanting an Original six final.

For the record, the picks for the conference finals were:

Beer: Chicago/Montreal
King: San Jose/Montreal

We do feel the need to apologize to Montreal. We hadn’t picked them at all until the conference finals, and that pick came with the following warning: King:  Just that this guarantees Montreal’s failure since we’ve never picked them until now.” Sorry about that one, Habs.

Anyways, the picks for the Finals!

Beer: Chicago. I’ve been saying since they swept the sharks that by rights, they should mop the floor with whoever came out of the east. Well, now we know it’s Philadelphia. I expect the Flyers will make it tough but fall in the end. The Blackhawks are going to bring home Stanley.

King: Blackhawks, they seem to be following the plan. Last year, conference finals to lose to rival. Old school team…..make it this year after a little trouble in the first round.

So there you have it folks. We’re voting Blackhawks. (Now watch the Flyers somehow win!)

Enjoy the games!
Beer and King

Five thoughts on a Friday – The “These posts don’t write themselves” edition

A rainy Friday. Boo. Still, a rainy Friday is better than a sunny Monday. Why, you may ask? Well because silly. Friday means it’s time for this week’s edition of Five Thoughts! (Too self important? I was going for lighthearted fun.)

Let’s see… where to start this week? I know, let’s start here:

  1. Brett Micheals, former Poison frontman admitted this week that he was home “watching porn” when his brain hemorrhage occurred.  Turns out he was flipping between ESPN and “Busty Cops 3”. I have an idea.. someone get in touch with Netflix and let me know if rentals of that title suddenly increase.
  2. Would this get filed under “Whoops! Our bad!” by the medical community if it ends up being true?  Study suggests smallpox vaccine may protect against HIV That would be the smallpox vaccine that they stopped using in the 1950’s because smallpox was basically eliminated.
  3. In my continued despise for all the remakes that are coming out, I have to admit that when I first read about this I thought it sounded like a horrible idea. Especially when I heard they would change the theme song. Well, it isn’t as bad as I feared. The remade the song, they didn’t change it. That makes sense. it may still bomb on TV before anyone even knows it’s there, but you DO NOT change the theme song to Hawaii Five-O. The song WAS the show. A remake/cover of the song is understandable.
  4. Last week it was a zombie satellite. This week… Aliens hijacking a satellite? I sure hope they aren’t yelling at us to get off of their lawn! (and take our toy with us)
  5. See, this is why the internet is bad for grammar. The headline of the article is “Nude cemetery photos result in charges“. That means he’s been charged with a civil infraction. A crime. The headline as it appeared on the site was (and this is a direct cut and paste folks) “Man charged for nude cemetery photos“, which leads you to think… “Well, how much did they cost?” See the difference there? Technically, there’s a price to be paid either way, but the meanings are quite different.

You really can't make this type of stuff up

Ok, so that’s five and it’s time to switch into weekend mode!

(You didn’t think I’d skip the video, did you? This one seems fitting given the Voyager 2 article…)

I really wanted to go with the original Hawaii Five-O, but I held off. Too easy.

Have a great weekend folks!

The NHL Playoffs – Conference Finals

And then there were four. The difference between the East and the West? As big as possible. A fan’s dram or nightmare, depending on your point of view.

Prince of Wales Conference Finals (Eastern Conference)

(7) Philadelphia versus (8) Montreal
Yes, you are reading that correctly. It’s the two BOTTOM seeds in the east. Montreal has been busy playing giant killer, beating Washington and Pittsburgh. Philadelphia had been the quieter of the two, just moving along and beating Buffalo and then grabbing everyone’s attention by coming back from being down 0-3 against Boston.

Clarence Campbell Conference Finals (Western Conference)

(1) San Jose versus (2) Chicago
Standings wise, the polar opposite of the East. The top two seeds have advanced to the conference finals in the West. Chicago makes a return trip (They lost to Detroit last year in a tough series reminiscent of the old Norris Division days) while San Jose is shedding their “playoff underperformers” label.

The picks! (This was a real time discussion between Beer and the King)

Beer: I’m not even going to justify my picks with logic. I want old school. I want tradition. I want an original six matchup in the Stanley Cup finals for the 1st time since 1979. I want to see Chicago and Montreal. That’s my pick.

King: I would like to see Chicago/Montreal, but believe it’s going to be  San Jose versus Montreal in the Cup finals. One versus Eight.

Beer: Anything you’d like to say in the post beyond what you just did?

King:  Just that this guarantees Montreal’s failure since we’ve never picked them until now.

So there we go. Beer goes with Chicago/Montreal while King goes San Jose/Montreal. Let’s see what happens!
(Note: As of this post, Chicago is up 1-0 on San Jose and Philadelphia is up 1-0 on Montreal)

Take Care folks
Beer & King

The NHL Playoffs, Round 2 – How’d we do?

For the record, our picks can be found here. I think the title of that set of picks sets the tone quite nicely considering the results.

In the East we had:

(4) Pittsburgh versus (8) Montreal
We both had Pittsburgh beating Montreal, and once again, Montreal comes up with the upset. They’ve now offed both the top seed overall in Washington, and the defending Stanley Cup champs. Nice work if you can get it.  (For the record, neither of us has picked the Habs yet, and they keep winning.)

(6) Boston versus (7) Philadelphia
We both had Boston winning this one. We’re both in agreement here, too. When you not only blow a 3 games to 0 series lead, but lose game 7 by blowing a 3-0 lead??? Folks, we need to channel Comic Book Guy here. Worst. Choke. EVER.

In the Western Conference:

(1) San Jose versus (5) Detroit
Detroit bows out in 5 games, surprising since it looked like they had found their stride in Game 7 against Phoenix. All but one game was decided by one goal. In the end, the Sharks do what the top seed in the conference is supposed to do to a 5th seed. Beat them. Quickly. And they did. Score one for the King as he fought off his inner homer to get the pick right. Beer is still sitting with the goose egg.

(2) Chicago versus (3) Vancouver
In the battle of 2 versus three, we have Chicago moving on. Much like the Sharks, the Blackhawks flat out took care of the business they were supposed to and as a result, they advance to the Western Conference finals for the second year in a row.  Beer gets on the board, and the King moves to .500 for this round.

Final tally?

Beer – 1 for 4  (Ouch!)
King – 2 for 4

All in all, it looks like our effort to embarrass ourselves further was a success. Do we dare pick the finals? Sure (Even though we’re tardy on the post and they’ve already started). Stay tuned for that here later today!

Take care folks
Beer & King

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The new car smell edition

Good morning everyone, and welcome to another edition of our merit-less weekly feature, Five Thoughts on a Friday. Why the hate? No hate, just making sure that we never take this (or ourselves) too seriously! So with that said.. On with the fun!

  1. Let’s start off with a fun one. Earlier this week I finally got around to getting the post “On the Internet…” finished up and posted. And boy, am I glad I did. Because today I see Yahoo using a spin on my idea and promoting it on their front page! Theirs is dated May 12th. Our was posted on the 11th. We did it first! Neener! Neener! Of course, theirs will get much more traffic than ours, but at least we can have fun with having hit the publish button on ours before they did on theirs. It would also seem to indicate that we may seem to have a feel for timely issues. Now THAT is a scary though!
  2. I just have to ask… “How?” It appears Playboy is planning a “safe for work site“. So they’re going to finally, truly test that “I read it for the articles” argument? Let’s be honest, I hear Playboy, I think bunnies. And not Bugs Bunny, either. Playboy  = naked. Naked = Not safe for work. I’m guessing this one will be a swing and a miss.
  3. The whole fascination with Zombies has always really made me wonder about it. I just never understood it. Why zombies over skeletons, werewolves, etc.? Now I know. We have a confirmed zombie! Of course, it’s a rogue satellite, not a former person. Robot/mechanical zombies!  Everybody panic!
  4. I have to go with this one here, but not for the obvious reasons in the headline of the article. Yeah. If I was an attorney arrested for bringing drugs INTO a jail, I’d ask for a court appointed attorney, too. After all, it’s obvious the legal advice she was giving herself was….. Bad. Very, very bad. Not representing herself is probably the only smart choice she made all day.
  5. And we come to the new car smell point in the post. Why? Well, i just picked up a new car and it had me thinking. People seem to love their cars. They often become an extension of their personalities. Now, I’m not big on the customization thing. I go for the keep it clean and maintained route. Other people though, they buy accessories, get the cars painted, you name it. I had never seen anyone take it this far though! Ladies and gentleman, the Shark Truck! A shark. In a truck. Is that like Snakes on a Plane? Probably not.

Ok, that’s five and I’m ready to hit the weekend. One last shark comment though….  Land Shark!

<Sorry, the embedding isn’t working on this one. This was supposed to be the code to embed the classic SNL skit “Land Shark’, but it isn’t cooperating. Here’s the direct link for the video. Go, watch. Laugh. It is after all, a classic.>

Have a great weekend folks!

On the Internet..

“In space, no one can hear you scream” was the tagline for Alien. It’s still held up as a sci-fi classic. We’re not here to talk movies today folks. We’re going to talk about the internet. And while “In space, no one can hear you scream”….

On the internet, EVERYONE can see what you said.

Ok, it should probably be what you “typed”, but you get the point.

Why bring this up? There seems to be a real sense of… what’s the word to use here… bravery(?) when it comes to putting “stuff” out there on the internet. And it’s cost some people dearly.

So I thought we’d take a look at a few common behaviors, and offer up some unsolicited, but friendly Beerbarrel style advice. Let’s get started… Continue reading