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Five thoughts on a Friday – The “These posts don’t write themselves” edition

A rainy Friday. Boo. Still, a rainy Friday is better than a sunny Monday. Why, you may ask? Well because silly. Friday means it’s time for this week’s edition of Five Thoughts! (Too self important? I was going for lighthearted fun.)

Let’s see… where to start this week? I know, let’s start here:

  1. Brett Micheals, former Poison frontman admitted this week that he was home “watching porn” when his brain hemorrhage occurred.  Turns out he was flipping between ESPN and “Busty Cops 3”. I have an idea.. someone get in touch with Netflix and let me know if rentals of that title suddenly increase.
  2. Would this get filed under “Whoops! Our bad!” by the medical community if it ends up being true?  Study suggests smallpox vaccine may protect against HIV That would be the smallpox vaccine that they stopped using in the 1950’s because smallpox was basically eliminated.
  3. In my continued despise for all the remakes that are coming out, I have to admit that when I first read about this I thought it sounded like a horrible idea. Especially when I heard they would change the theme song. Well, it isn’t as bad as I feared. The remade the song, they didn’t change it. That makes sense. it may still bomb on TV before anyone even knows it’s there, but you DO NOT change the theme song to Hawaii Five-O. The song WAS the show. A remake/cover of the song is understandable.
  4. Last week it was a zombie satellite. This week… Aliens hijacking a satellite? I sure hope they aren’t yelling at us to get off of their lawn! (and take our toy with us)
  5. See, this is why the internet is bad for grammar. The headline of the article is “Nude cemetery photos result in charges“. That means he’s been charged with a civil infraction. A crime. The headline as it appeared on the MSN.com site was (and this is a direct cut and paste folks) “Man charged for nude cemetery photos“, which leads you to think… “Well, how much did they cost?” See the difference there? Technically, there’s a price to be paid either way, but the meanings are quite different.

You really can't make this type of stuff up

Ok, so that’s five and it’s time to switch into weekend mode!

(You didn’t think I’d skip the video, did you? This one seems fitting given the Voyager 2 article…)

I really wanted to go with the original Hawaii Five-O, but I held off. Too easy.

Have a great weekend folks!