Daily Archives: June 4, 2010

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Let it Be edition

Uh oh… Is Beer getting ready to go all Beatlemania on something today? No, not really. We’ll just see where this one leads today. Can’t believe it’s Friday again already, guess short weeks can do that to you. Especially when your co-blogger didn’t realize you weren’t going to be in the office on Tuesday, either.

So without further delay, it’s time for today’s Five Thoughts….

  1. I always knew there was an idiot out there for everything. Heck, I’ve always been a firm believer that whenever you make the world idiot proof the world will just go and make a better idiot. Here’s the proof. Picketing a spelling bee? Seriously? Man, you need help.
  2. Staying on the idiot theme for a moment. I don’t mention this one to debate the right or wrong of the attempt at a phantom recall. I want to talk about this memo. Here’s the deal. Anyone who’s come within 30 feet of a business school has heard about the disastrous GM side saddle fuel tank memo. These people went to school they had to have heard about it. Besides that, common sense flat out says YOU DO NOT PUT $HIT LIKE THAT IN A WRITING. End of discussion. To whoever wrote that memo? You’re an idiot, first class.
  3. The king sent this one to me, and to be honest – I don’t want to know what he was searching for when he found it. The headline speaks for itself though… Sword-Wielding Porn Actor Kills One, Hurts Two. Yeah, I can’t top that. Nor do I want to.
  4. Oops. McDonald’s is recalling a bunch of the new Shrek glasses. I guess using a known carcinogen (Cadmium) in paint for drinking glasses is a bad idea. Who knew? This story would have been MUCH cooler if it had been some sort of radioactive contamination, you know? Then the kids could glow green, just like Shrek! (Ok, I know, that was bad.)
  5. And here it is. You knew I wasn’t going to let this week by without throwing in my two cents (Just like everyone else on the planet) on *the* sports story of the week. Armando Galarraga, of the Detroit Tigers pitched a perfect game Wednesday night. Except for one small thing, the box score shows he gave up a hit. See, the umpire blew the call. Here’s the issue I have… It *was* a perfect game. In fact, he went 28 up, 28 down. One more than needed. The umpire has admitted he blew the call, and profusely apologized. I take issue with only one thing. It *was* a perfect game. Stop describing it as “near perfect”. Everyone knows he went 27 up, 27 down. You don’t have to make it “official”, just stop calling it “near perfect”. Call it the “perfect game with the blown call” if you want to. That would work.  And for the record, I tip my cap to the pitcher and to the umpire on this whole deal. They defined being accountable, and classy in their actions after the game.

So there we have it for today. Considering the way I started, maybe it should have been the “Let it rip” or “let it fly” edition. But no, I think the Beatles said it best. Major League Baseball, Commissioner Selig, it appears you’re not going to overturn the ruling on the field for Armando Galarraga’s perfect game. To that, I say “you’re getting it right, please don’t. Let it be.” That game is far better defined by what happened that night and the actions of the the men involved if it’s left to stand on its own as it is. Let it be.

Have a great weekend folks!