About face! (That was fast…)

We’d love to take credit for it but I doubt they even noticed us.

An interesting thing though. Early today thought number one in Five Thoughts on a Friday dealt with Blizzard Entertainment and their “RealID” system that was going to display the real first and last name of players posting on their forums. (Say what you want about us but we get results, huh? I kid! I kid!)

We noted that the story had started to migrate out of game related blogs and forums and into the mainstream news cycle.

This afternoon Blizzard’s CEO took to the Warcraft forums to announce that users will NOT have to have their real identities shown when they post.

I’ll say this is a good move, a public fight in the media on a matter of privacy issue was a battle Blizzard would never win. They did the smart thing and avoided it, at least for now.

Have a great one folks!

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