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Five thoughts on a Friday – the “Rocks can hurt you” edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts on a Friday. We’re in no particular rush to get anywhere with this one today, so forgive us if it rambles around a bit. (Wow, got called into a meeting and suddenly it’s past the time of day I wanted to get this out by. Ok, now I *am* in a hurry!)

  1. I had originally called the the <TBD> edition. Apparently the system thought the <> was code and didn’t like that. Meaning, it erased it. Sheesh! Even my own blog platform is a critic now!
  2. California is considering changing it’s state rock. Apparently the state rock contains asbestos. I guess it even being PRESENT in a rock is enough to require a warning in California. This is, after all, the same state that warn you about eating fishing lures that contain lead since it can cause illness or birth defects. Funny how they never mention what the HOOKS on the lure would do to you. They’re just worried about the lead. Not like that state has any other issues to be working on, either. So, California? Don’t eat the state rocks. There, problem solved.
  3. I admit I’m a little torn on this one. It seems this lady has a disproportionate share of trouble crossing the border. Ok, I’m not torn. She want’s the problem fixed. I understand that, I really do. But it seems to me that she also wants attention now. After all… “The head of New York’s Champlain crossing gave Nelson his cell phone number so she can call before crossings so he can help. She refuses to call ahead, reasoning that the government should be responsible for fixing its own problem.”  See that there? That’s a SOLUTION. It may not be ideal, or perfect. But for her particular situation, it’s a still a solution. It’s someone at least TRYING to help.
  4. America’s Fastest road.  “the fastest drivers routinely reach speeds of 87 to 90 miles per hour” Pffft! Rookies. These people have obviously never had to make my morning drive. 80-85 mph is the average speed to keep from getting run off the road. And we’re four lanes wide. Why yes, I have totaled a brand new car this year. Why do you ask?
  5. And y’all thought it was just the domestic auto industry that caused the “never buy a Friday car” talk, huh? Turns out the “July Effect” is real according to a new study. So there you go. Stay home and run our reader numbers up instead of getting surgery, you’ll be safer!

Ok, that’s five things for this Friday and I’m going to tear on out of here. It’s funny though. In looking back over some older posts recently, I came to realize how much longer this feature has gotten over the past year (And here I am running up the word count even more. How about that?). It’s true, go back and check out some of the older ones if you want. There where five thoughts in them still, but a lot less text. And no videos or pictures originally either. What do you think? Go back to the stripped down version, or stick with what we have now?

For today’s video… Stumbled across this while working on a new post. A little old school 80’s cheese.

Have a great weekend folks!