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Hut one…Hut three.. Hut Five on a Friday/Thursday

Today the role of blog writer will be played by Kingkielbasa.
I’ll try to keep my fellow co-bloggers style as I’m too lazy to start my own.

1. I’ve seen some weird want ads before, but I’d love to see how the heck you would word this one. Apparently, someone not only thinks it would be a cool idea to attach a camera to a missing body appendage, but to also attach a simulated weapon. Somehow I have the sound of Butthead in my head…”Hey baby…”
2. On my recent travels in the search of relaxation I made a trip to the southern states. Those boys and girls from down south sure know how to do some things right….ribs, sweet tea and dual exhaust. They will put dual exhaust on ANYTHING! Explain to me how the automotive companies haven’t figured out how to add a dual exhaust option to any vehicle to drum up some additional monies.
3. I dare you to listen to April Wine’s Roller and not play air drums. DARE YOU! Go ahead, I’ll wait…

4. Football season is upon us. I started getting into it early while watching HBO’s Hard Knocks. On the first episode, the Jet’s camp had a surprise visit by Joe Namath. YIKES! Broadway Joe…what happened!

Broadway Joe

5. Finally, this past week a player retired from the NHL with very little fan fare. He definitely wasn’t one of the greats, but he always brought his lunch pail to the rink and put in an honest game. In the metro Detroit area he will always be famous for a movie tag line that was played after his name was mentioned on a local sports channel. With that, I leave you with the following clip…

And that’s a wrap folks.  Your normal Five Thoughts for a Friday writer will be back if he ever stops HIS relaxation and starts writing again.

Keep crashing the net!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Dream Cruise Edition

Good morning folks, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts. I was going to call it the “Return of the King” edition, since the King has finished terrorizing various parts of the country with his vacation, but he isn’t here writing this post, so….

Besides, as I mentioned in my post earlier this week – It’s Dream Cruise time!  So with that in mind, off we go!

  1. Starting of with a bit of automotive news… First it was Chevy dealer is ratcheting up the price on the Volt, now a Nissan dealer is saying there won’t be as many Nissan Leafs as originally thought. Not the type of press EITHER company needs or wants with regards to real departures from their normal business model.
  2. Sticking with cars for a while. I’d say that this one probably came from the Captain Obvious department, but I guess it’s official now.  NASCAR apparently poses a real hearing risk. Gee, a bunch of really loud race cars is a hearing risk? Who knew?? They probably had a really hard time figuring that one out, huh?
  3. Looks like we’ll go “all car related” for this week’s post. This one is a real head shaker. I imagine there’s got to be a heck of a lot more to this story, but yes… Alcohol was involved. Along with a license that expired 33 years ago, and driving 11 miles without a tire on one wheel. That’s…. Yeah. I don’t know what else to say, either.
  4. One of the places that the King checked in from during his hijinx this past week was “Cooter’s Place“. Considering the Dukes of Hazard features one of the more iconic television cars of all time, I’d say it fits with this week’s car theme. We won’t discuss the movie.
  5. And since this *IS* the Dream Cruise edition… If you can’t make it, here’s the Detroit News webcam of Woodward Avenue. You can watch some of it online and see the cars go by. Enjoy the view, just try not to get the bug to buy a hot rod!

Okay folks, that’s five and we’re out of here to enjoy the weekend! Since we were all about cars in this week’s Five Thoughts, I can only think of one song that seems totally appropriate, if a bit silly.

Later folks!

Mustangs, Chargers, and T-Birds, Oh My!

Let’s take a quick stroll back in time, shall we? Back to when songs like this ruled the airwaves (many of which were still just AM!).

Why am I mentioning this? It’s pretty simple really. If you’re into cars (and we’re definitely guilty as charged here at the Beerbarrel), then this weekend holds one of the signature events of the summer for you. It’s officially going to be held this Saturday, but in all honesty it’s already going on (and has been for a day or two). What the heck are we talking about? Were talking about the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Up and down Woodward Avenue, you’ll see some of the greatest automobiles ever made. From muscle cars to cruisers and roadsters, you’ll see plenty of Mustangs, Camaros, Chargers, T-birds, and just about any other car you can think of to make you see “Oh My”. Not just from the condition, but the variety. So if you’re anywhere near the Detroit area this weekend, make sure to check it out! And if not this year, make plans! It’s worth it to see it at least once.

As for the song up there at the top? Well, the Beach Boys are emblematic of the era of cruising, and a few years back I was lucky enough to catch Brian Wilson live, on the day of the Dream Cruise. And yes, he sang that song that night.

And of course, what’s a car thread without a picture or two?

A Goat

And one to hit the King where it hurts… Torino Time!

Later folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Holiday Road edition

Howdy folks! here we are back at it again with another weekend staring us down. Friday morning is kind of like seeing the finish line, isn’t it? You may run out of gas before you get there, but you know you should still be able to coast across it and finish the race for the week.

  1. Sitting here this morning enjoying a French Roast coffee from the new coffee shop by the house. Quite enjoyable. Needed a little bit of a break from the… what would be lower than “swill” be? That’s how I would describe the coffee at the office. The french roast though? Nice. And it isn’t Starbucks. No offense, just don’t care for the coffee there. Something about just doesn’t sit right. The fact that this came from Biggby, which is based in my home state? A nice little bonus.
  2. There’s been some NHL news lately. No, I’m not going to get into the whole Kovalchuck contract thing and the resulting “The sky is falling” speculation of some writers and bloggers. I’m talking about something else. Just when you didn’t think the NHL could do much else to shoot itself in the foot, out comes this tidbit. The Prince of Wales Trophy that was at the recent Blackhawk fan convention had the wrong team engraved on it!  Um, guys? You might want to proofread those things before they go out.
  3. If you’ve ever wanted to see some guy’s “Man Card” revoked, live on the air. Here you go. ESPN and the fine folks on the internet have just been destroying this guy, and I’m certainly not going to stick up for him. This morning, news is out that maybe they aren’t a couple anymore. I wonder why…?
  4. In the completely self indulgent department… We recently got new trash and recycle bins from the city, as they’ve changed trash services and we now have those bins that can be picked up automatically by the truck. This means I no longer have to use my old recycle bin that the city had issued. What do I do with it now, I wonder? Give it back? Recycle the recycle bin?
  5. A while back we did our “On the Internet” post. We meant it as honest advice, even if we tried to do it in a bit of a silly manner. Seems it’s still valid. If a guy like MythBusters (A favorite show of mine) host Adam Savage can make an honest mistake with what info gets online, any of us can.

And with that, I’m punching the clock and ending the week on this blog post. Especially since we’re operating half staffed today. Since the King loves to point out me being gone when he fills in on a Friday, I figured I’d return the favor. See, he’s gone all Clark Griswold on us this week. Loaded the clan into the family truckster and all. Hope Wallyworld wasn’t closed when you got there man!

So in honor of my co-blogger’s road trip adventure:
(Edit – I have NO idea why the embedding on the video isn’t working. Everything looks right. It’s supposed to show Holiday Road, by Lindsay Buckingham. You know, the Theme from National Lampoon’s Vacation.)

Have  a great weekend everyone!

Things we’ve learned on vacation….

It’s no secret that we’ve been in vacation mode here at the Beerbarrel for, well, almost our whole existence.  Every once in a while though, we do actually manage to slip out on a real vacation. With that thought in mind I figured it would be fun to round up some of the things that we’ve learned on our travels.

When on vacation, it’s always a good time for a frozen coke. Even if you have to fix the machine at the 7-11 yourself.

Keep your eyes open for the mini fridge in the middle of the freeway. It comes up kind of unexpectedly. Especially if it’s getting dark out.

Yes. Your car on the subway or train is rocking just as much as the one in front of you.

Seeing people going up the hill to the nude beach can be amusing. Until you see the guy who looks like later in life Jerry Garcia. Yeah, try getting that image out of your mind’s eye. (And sorry for putting there in the first place)

Food tastes better on vacation. It just does. Must be the relaxed setting, away from it all. And hey, what cheeseburger doesn’t taste better when you’re in Key West watching Elvis ride his bicycle down Duval street while wearing ruby slippers. (I am not making that up, I swear)

Sunburn on the backs of your legs, or especially the tops of your feet *really* hurts! (Yes, I know sunburns are bad for you. But these add insult to injury by really being unpleasant to deal with)

When at the buffet line… It’s always prudent to the the ice cream machine to turn pie into pie a la mode.

There are plenty more, but those are a couple of the sillier/more amusing that spring to mind at the moment. There are also a couple that are best just left unsaid. Except for this one…

When your entire dinner table tells you not to eat the pepper. You really *don’t* want to eat that pepper. It isn’t a dare. They’re trying to save you from yourself.

There you go folks! Hope you’re having a decent week. Did we miss any good ones? Just let us know if we did.

Take care!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The sitting at home edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another Five Thoughts on a Friday. Sitting here at home today drinking coffee as we go, so hopefully I don’t spill it all over the keyboard before I get this typed up. Been a bit of a crazy week around here, although you’d never know if from the lack of posts, huh? What can I say… I have a few posts in the works not called “Five Thoughts on a Friday” but they’re all sort of stuck in the mud right now.  Oh well, enough about that – let’s see what we’re thinking about today….

  1. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of the “Single shoe on the side of the road”. That’s always really confused me. Why is it only one shoe? And how did it manage to end up on the side of the road? It conjures up thoughts of someone rolling down the window and just sort of flipping it out of the car while they’re driving down the road if you ask me. And what happens to the other show at that point? Does it get thrown out of the car somewhere else? If you drive around town collecting single shoes, would you eventually end up with a matched pair?
  2. Got this link from my co-blogger a while back. Think it’s a pretty fun idea. Just um… If you’re serious about photography and have ACTUAL camera lenses around, don’t get it mixed up with the mug, and put your coffee into your actual camera lens, you know?
  3. Yes, I’m sure this article is slanted/biased/call it what you want. I still like it. That’s a weight loss program a lot of guys would probably be really interested in! Beer is better than exercise for losing weight? What’s there not to like??
  4. Jumping to auto news for a second (Hmm, right after the beer story – No, I’m not drinking and blogging), this has the potential to be a PR nightmare for General Motors. Some dealers are announcing their intention to charge as much as $20,000 OVER the sticker price. Ouch. Now, they’re perfectly within their rights to do it, but I have to figure the bosses at GM in Detroit won’t be too happy about it.
  5. I think these suitcase stickers are hilarious. I also think there’s no way on earth I’m bringing one of them anywhere near the airport while I’m on vacation. I don’t think the TSA and airport security have any sense of humor about anything. Let alone luggage stickers design to get their attention.

Ok, that’s 5 things and it’s time for me to head on out. We’ll be down at the local festival supporting the beer tent this weekend. Car shows, beer tents, fireworks… All within walking distance. Summer is good, no?

Speaking of summertime….

Have a great weekend everyone!