Hut one…Hut three.. Hut Five on a Friday/Thursday

Today the role of blog writer will be played by Kingkielbasa.
I’ll try to keep my fellow co-bloggers style as I’m too lazy to start my own.

1. I’ve seen some weird want ads before, but I’d love to see how the heck you would word this one. Apparently, someone not only thinks it would be a cool idea to attach a camera to a missing body appendage, but to also attach a simulated weapon. Somehow I have the sound of Butthead in my head…”Hey baby…”
2. On my recent travels in the search of relaxation I made a trip to the southern states. Those boys and girls from down south sure know how to do some things right….ribs, sweet tea and dual exhaust. They will put dual exhaust on ANYTHING! Explain to me how the automotive companies haven’t figured out how to add a dual exhaust option to any vehicle to drum up some additional monies.
3. I dare you to listen to April Wine’s Roller and not play air drums. DARE YOU! Go ahead, I’ll wait…

4. Football season is upon us. I started getting into it early while watching HBO’s Hard Knocks. On the first episode, the Jet’s camp had a surprise visit by Joe Namath. YIKES! Broadway Joe…what happened!

Broadway Joe

5. Finally, this past week a player retired from the NHL with very little fan fare. He definitely wasn’t one of the greats, but he always brought his lunch pail to the rink and put in an honest game. In the metro Detroit area he will always be famous for a movie tag line that was played after his name was mentioned on a local sports channel. With that, I leave you with the following clip…

And that’s a wrap folks.  Your normal Five Thoughts for a Friday writer will be back if he ever stops HIS relaxation and starts writing again.

Keep crashing the net!

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