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Five Thoughts on a Friday – the “Oh, you haven’t heard?” edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first Friday of fall for us here at The Beerbarrel. true to my word, I kept some notes this week in order to keep from having to write this post up on the fly again this week. Of course, does that mean that I also had time to crank out any other posts this week? Um… nope. Still, on we go into this weeks five thoughts? Ready?

  1. Speaking of flying…. I’m pretty sure that they have checklists to make sure this type of thing doesn’t happen when you land. I’m also pretty sure somewhere on that checklist is “MAKE SURE THE PARKING BRAKE ISN’T ON WHEN YOU”RE TRYING TO LAND”, or something to that effect. And remember folks, as I told a friend who was getting ready to fly for the first time recently… All take offs are optional, all landings are mandatory. Think about it for a minute…
  2. Wind, religion, and… ruffled feathers. See, this is why we stay away from some subjects. You just had to know putting out a story about how “Wind may have parted the Red Sea for Moses” was going to ruffle feathers. That being said… the fact that they actually created a model where they can do it is pretty darned cool.
  3. You know what else flies? Time. As I write this on the second official full day of Fall (September 24th if you’re checking the calendar), there are 92 shopping days left until Christmas (Don’t believe me? Go here!). Just so we can avoid some of the terrified looks from last year when I was shopping. Don’t want it to sneak up unannounced on anyone this year.
  4. You can go through all of your journalism schooling, and all of your journalism career and never have to expect to write the headline “Man, Parrot scuffle on Ann Arbor street“. That’s exactly what someone at channel 4 in Detroit had to do recently. So much for those expectations, huh?
  5. When I saw this one, I thought it was a followup to the parrot fight story, and that the police had charged the parrot!  Parrot Behind Bars. Turns out it was a different parrot.  Still back in it’s cage though. Sounds like exactly the type of bird the kid in the e-trade commercial needed when his tablet computer gets taken away from him.

There you go folks! That’s five and we’re ready to take wing and get on out of here? Take Wing, get it? It’s a joke! You know, think Foghorn Leghorn. No? Ok. Well, since we were rather avian based this week, I guess it’s only right to close with this one. As we said in the post title… “Oh, you haven’t heard?” I thought everyone had heard..

Have a great weekend folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – the “on the fly” edition

Howdy folks, and welcome back for another “Five Thoughts on a Friday”. I’m here, I’m caffeinated, and completely and utterly unprepared. Let’s see where this one goes, shall we?

  1. I’ve heard the phrase “Lower 48 states” instead of  continental or contiguous states lately. It just sounds strange and incorrect to me. Doesn’t saying something like “lower 48” seem to imply that there would need to be an “upper 48” or something, as well? And last I checked, there were still 50 states. Of which, only one of the attached ones (Alaska) would qualify for and “upper” description.
  2. Got this from our very own Kingkielbasa….
    So I think Classmates dot com should do some research before it sends out emails to <school name removed> alumni that says, “Do you remember who your prom queen was?”
    The reason he mentions it? He went to a private all-male school. Yeah, classmates probably might want to double check that. Then again, if they did have a prom queen, I’m sure everyone *would* remember it.
  3. So let me get this straight… on Sirius/XM radio, there’s the Cosmopolitan channel. On this channel, there is apparently a show that (and is copied from the website because I had to go look) “helps us get inside the male mind and serves up a special blend of insight and relationship advice from a “dude” perspective”. Riiight…..
  4. So I’m looking throught he news and I see the headline… “Taliban commander found hiding in oven“, and all I can think of is “It’s been done”. See?
  5. Boy, how do you top Bugs Bunny? That’s classic old school cartoon right there. And it deals with silly criminals! What do you know, so does this story! I have to agree with the headline, if you’re gonna steal a car, best to be able to tell if it’s a gas or diesel powered vehicle! The stupid is strong with those two.

Ok, that’s five of the fly today and I’m finally finished for the week. Next week, back to keeping notes so I’m not the kid who wasn’t ready for the test in scool!
(Wait.. what do you mean I’m not done yet? The what? I *did* a video! It’s up there in the post! No? Fine, Just second….)

In keeping with trying to use some different music types, and having made this post up on the fly, and having closed it with a post about cars… A country song with a “flying” car in it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Bad Morning Edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to yet another Friday morning (whatever time it may be as you read this). Let’s jump right in, shall we?

  1. Had one of those mornings where life is giving you all kinds of hints you should just stay home. So as I’m more or less cursing myself as I’m getting in the car to head to the office. Start the car, and the radio starts. What’s on? That 60’s classic… “It’s a Beautiful Morning” by the Rascals. If not for coffee – my car probably wouldn’t have a radio right now.
  2. Diving into current events a little here…. I know this is a hot button issue and I’m not going to debate the pros or cons, right or wrong of anything. I just want to point out one small thing… The backers of a proposed Islamic center near ground zero are expressing regrets about creating a firestorm with a plan they thought would be simple and noncontroversial. To these folks I only really have one thing to say.. Whoever does your public relations? Fire them. Fire them right now. Fire them out of a cannon if you can. This whole thing had PR NIGHTMARE! DO NOT OPEN! written all over it.
  3. I like this story, plain and simple. A Carolina Beach restaurant has adopted a “No Screaming Children” policy. Yes, you can still bring children there, but if they are screaming and carrying on, you’ll be asked to take them outside to calm them down. If I’m ever in Carolina Beach NC, I’ll definitely make it a point to patronize this establishment. And yes, as a child I was hauled out of a restaurant/church/store when I was being disruptive. Been there, done that.
  4. Yeah, I can’t see Clint Eastwood playing Superman or 007 either. Apparently he was asked though, and turned them down. Granted, since he looks like he could still kick a lot of people’s rear ends… had he said “yes”, I’d probably agree with that decision too!
  5. Speaking of movie decisions I do not agree with. I disagree with the very thought of them remaking this one. I like Jeff Bridges as an actor very much. Jeff Bridges is no John Wayne. But he’s starring in the lead in a remake of True Grit anyways. This quote from Matt Damon (also in the remake) fills me with confidence, too. “I’ve never even seen the original John Wayne movie”. Oh good. Well, I probably won’t see this one, so we’ll be even then!

Ok folks. That’s five and I’m off on a coffee fueled bender for the rest of the afternoon. As I was wondering what to close with earlier this week, I was sorting through my typical early MTV/New Wave type of selection when it was mentioned out that I tend to ignore some genres. I would like to point out that while I do consider myself an equal opportunity offender – I just don’t follow some types of music as closely as others. Still… This one is a bit of a departure from the usual…

Have a great weekend folks!

I can feel it in the air…

No, I’m not looking to go Phil Collins on anyone. Although if you want to, the video is right here.

No, I’m talking about the seasons changing. I was outside yesterday, the sun was shining, but it just FELT different. Fall is closing in fast. The kids are going back to school. The days have gotten shorter, the nights cooler, and the rosters trimmed to 53.

Wait… Beer, what the heck are you going on about?

Simple. With all due respect to Hank Williams Jr. There’s one song that I think sums up what’s about to happen. I couldn’t find a better video but the audio seemed decent on this version:

I’m talking about football! No, not what the USA calls soccer (although I do have a lot of respect for those guys as well). I’m talking about American NFL football. Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Ray Lewis football!

Now I know that this past Friday I said I’d be back on Tuesday, and though i was back in the office, there was no post. Part of that was laziness, and part of it was thinking about this post. You see, today is Wednesday. Tomorrow, is Thursday. And now that we’ve demonstrated that we know Thursday follows Wednesday we can ask why it matters. It matters because tomorrow night (that would be Thursday, remember?) the Vikings, led by the never retiring unless he finally decides to maybe retire Brett Farve head to the Superdome to take on the New Orleans Saints! That’s right folks. Football. Is. Here.

So grab a few beers or other preferred beverages, a bag of chips or other assorted snack, and cozy up to football season. After all, it’s gonna get cold for some of us soon. I can already feel it in the air.

Later folks!

Five Thoughts on a Friday – The Back at Home edition

Howdy folks, and welcome to another edition of Five Thoughts. Make yourself at home while I settle back into the chair here, it seems the King moved the seat around a bit last week. Sort of feels like someone else has been driving the car, you know? let’s get back at it, shall we?

  1. Wanting to show he’s just another resident, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing found the wheels and tires stripped from his SUV the other day. I guess that’s one way to claim to be man of the people… or something.
  2. I spent part of my evenings out in the garage this past week, working on a few things. So when I saw a post on “Tools everyone should own“, it caught my attention. Naturally, I have a problem with a few things on that list. For one, I consider safety glasses a necessity, not a tool. I have a pair with a really nice impact right in front of where my eye would be to make that point. But also, if you’re going to tell people they need a drill (Cordless at that)… doesn’t getting drill bits go along by default? Do you really need to list them separately? Then again… Yes, I guess you probably do.
  3. Staying near home… She obviously didn’t read our post. Or any of the other 7 million plus warnings that are out there. Instead, she was talking about delivering a guilty verdict. On Facebook. Before the jury had delivered a verdict. I have two words that describe this… NOT SMART.
  4. It seems that a golfer in California recently sparked a brush fire with his swing. Every time I hear or read this story, I can only think of one thing.
  5. Wow, talk about a travel story that’s both funny, and potentially scary at the same time. It appears that authorities have stopped someone from trying to go all “Snakes on a Plane” in real life! Really man? The movie wasn’t enough? Sheesh!

Ok folks, that’s five and it’s long weekend time! See you Tuesday, maybe!

And just because this one is fun, and a bit of Music History….

Have a great weekend!

Beermaker’s notes from the road….

Howdy folks! I actually meant to try to get this posted up on Monday or Tuesday, but laziness, jet lag, and basically still being in vacation mode were involved. Nothing earth shattering here, just a silly little list of things that crossed my rum addled mind on my recent travels.

Had a cream cheese that said it was “made with renewable energy”. Funny, I always thought they were made with milk. Go figure.

Heard at Detroit metro airport. “If your pants are falling down because you left your belt at the security checkpoint please come get it.” At 6:30am, a little humor like that is fun to hear on the loudspeaker. I’m sure someone probably complained though. Probably the person with the falling down pants.

It may be mean, cruel, discriminatory, etc.  But its true. Some people should just not wear stretchy pants. They just should not, at least not in public. You can’t un-see that type of thing.

Flight delays are far more tolerable in first class. At least you get free drinks while you wait.

I’ve always been a believer in being polite and kind as the best way to ask for help. Vacationing in a country speaking primary language other than  English has only reinforced that. Amazing what being polite, patient, and smiling is able to convey as you fumble to find the words needed.

If it’s the end of your first full day at the resort, and the bartenders aren’t even asking what you’re drinking anymore because they already know? That’s both a good, and bad sign, all rolled into one. It does mean you’ve made friends already though.

If there’s no lightning or thunder, why do people go running from the pool when it starts to rain? Are they afraid to get wet or something?

The Pirates of the Caribbean were onto something hanging out around Tortuga. That is a very, very beautiful part of the world.

A longer vacation would have been nice, but considering Hurricane Earl was inbound as we were hopping on the plane…. Perfect time to head home.

And finally…. Homer Simpson was right about the coconut. Although, I have to say I liked the rum better than the beer at the resort. Better beer and lower quality rum could obviously flip the results around.

You put the rum in the coconut...

Later folks!